Track Views, Links & Dislikes of YouTube Videos with YouTube Statistics

If used wisely YouTube can become powerful marketing tool. The videos uploaded on YouTube are often shared on social media websites such as Facebook & Twitter and also embedded on websites & Youtube also shares the data like number of views, links and dislikes a video gets and it can be really useful to find out which type of videos gets more views or liked by YouTubers.

Unfortunately the process of gathering statistics of YouTube video can be time consuming, if you are looking for some tool to automate this process then here is YouTube Statistics, a open source utility.

As the name suggests YouTube Statistics is the tool to collect or track statistics pertaining to the videos from YouTube. With YouTube Statistics you can fetch list of YouTube video URLs and with just one click you will have all the stats about Youtube videos.

YouTube Statistics

YouTube Statistics also allows you to export all the videos statistics data into excel file for further analysis. However tool does lack friendly user interface with proper buttons.

Download YouTube Statistics.

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