Enjoy Facebook’s iPad App Today, Here is How to Install Guide

The news about Facebook iPad App is in development and Facebook planning to release soon has been floating for past one month. Recently Facebook updated its iPhone App to version 3.4.4 and unknowing they also shipped the code of Facebook’s iPad app. It was just matter of time for Apple enthusiast to find out the way to use facebook app for iPad and its already here Thanks to iPhoneItalita for this guide.

Unfortunately only those having jailbroken iPads can enjoy facebook for iPad app. So if you want to try facebook for iPad app today then follow below guide mean while video guide is under progress.

P.S. You must install Facebook iPhone app on your iPad before proceeding for this guide.

How to Install Facebook iPad App

1. Go to Cydia and install iFile app

2. Once you complete the iFile installation , start iFile app and go to /var/mobile/applications/ directory

3. Tap on iFile settings and in preferences turn on Application Names

4. Now you can see installed applications name in applications folder directory

5. Tap on facebook directory and go to facebook.app folder

6. Inside facebook.app folder scroll to bottom and locate info.plist and open that file in property list viewer.

7. Scroll down and locate UDeviceFamily variable and tap on it to modify that value

8. Change value 1 to 2 and tap on done

9. Now reboot your iPad and enjoy official unreleased Facebook App for iPad

We did succeed in getting facebook App on iPad but unfortunately it keeps crashing for us.

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Update: Thanks to UzairGhani for tip on making faebook’s ipad app crash free.

If facebook’s iPad  app is crashing make sure you start with fresh facebook app for iPhone install and keep it logged in before making info.plist file changes.

Video Guide on How to Install Facebook’s iPad App



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