Download/Upload Files to Google Docs from Desktop with PowerGDocs

We have already covered several apps like Nocs, Gladient Cloud Desktop, iGoSyncDocs & Google Docs Batch Upload for Google Docs which provides access to one or other Google Docs features at your desktop, be it upload, import, export or editing documents present in your Google Docs account. Now here is yet another similar utility PowerGDocs.

PowerGDocs is handy utility to quickly import or export documents from Google Docs account. It not just allows users to upload or download document but makes it secure with encryption & compression. Users can also access document revisions and it handles documents with any file type including zip & music files.


PowerGDocs is still far from finished application, in order to start the application hit “PowerGDocs.cmd”. Enter your user name and password  to login to Google Docs account. One you login PowerGDocs will list all the documents present in your Google Docs account.

By clicking on any document you can view meta data of document, at the bottom of the screen has options to download selected document or upload new document.

On Options tab users can set encryption, compression setting.

Download PowerGDocs.

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