Keep Track of All The MP3 Songs in Your Music Collection with Mp3AlbumManager

Despite of have many sophisticated applications such as Apple iTunes and Google Music still many users prefers to manage their songs collection manually, one reason could be difficulty in using these applications. If you are one such user who don’t want messy software for managing songs library the here is Mp3AlbumManager, an application to manage a mp3 album collection, written in Java and using an embedded database.

is designed to enable you to quickly store your tracks and save the lists in HTML format. 

Features of Mp3AlbumManager

1. Fast storing of your mp3 album collection in a few clicks

2. Extensive search function

3. Save album list as HTML

4. Create NFO with album info

5. Easy configuration (HTML/NFO templates, database settings, look-and-feel, etc)


Download Mp3AlbumManager.

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