Monitor Website Uptime from Desktop with tagBeep Net

The only nightmare for webmasters is site down, it may not take much to get back site online but only if webmaster is aware of site down. There are number of online websites for monitoring site uptime but very few of them are free & offer desktop utility for keeping watch on alerts. In past we had covered two such desktop utilities Tiny Site Watcher & URL Guard.

Now here is yet another desktop tool for monitoring website uptime, tagBeep net is free tool from, uptime monitoring service which offers upto 50 checks with free SMS (20 per day), email and desktop tool for down alerts.

In order to use tagBeep net user much register with and setup the checks. Once done you can download and login to tagBeep net and check the status of site.

Tagbeep net is still in early stages and doesn’t offer much features but enough for webmaster to know website is up or down.

You can also hit refresh button to perform manual check. It also shows the response time of site.

Download tagBeep net to monitor website uptime.

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