Instantly Add New Entry to Send To Context Menu with Sendtosendto

Send to option in right click context menu is quite useful for those who frequently needs to moves files. But the usages of Send to menu is not just restricted to moving files, if you have installed any app which adds shell extension to support send to then you can utilize send to option to quickly access that app, for e.g uploading files to private server, creating desktop shortcut, an email attachment and much more. It all depends on your creativity in using Send To context menu option.

To make it easier for you to create new entry into Sent to Context menu here is Sendtosendto free open source utility. Sendtosendto will add a new option “Add here” in Send to context menu using which you add any entry to send to menu.

Clicking on “Add here” it will prompt for name of the new send to menu entry. Users can add the application name which they want to invoke.

Download Sentosendto to Add New entry into Send to context menu.

Via InstantFundas

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