How to Create .CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help Files) from Screenshots

Though Microsoft has stopped developing .CHM aka Compiled HTML help files you can still create and distribute CHM files to train users as the utility to read .CHM files is still available for download. If you are looking for some easy tool which can allow you to instantly create windows compiled HTML help files (.CHM) and don’t want to mess with freely-distributed HTML Help Workshop then here is small tool for you.

Create CHM from screenshots is small tool which allows you to instantly create .CHM files from screenshots.  It also offers templates with next & previous navigation links for html files where you can edit titles or insert product / company name / version and copyrights.

When you start Create CHM from screenshots you will be presented with   project options such as Project Titles, Product name, Product version, Company name and year.

Users can start adding screenshots by click on “+” button. Once added you can change title of the page and add keywords

And in order to compile into CHM file click lighting icon that’s it your CHM file will be ready.

Download Create Microsoft Help File .CHM From Screenshots.

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