How to Install Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta on HTC HD2

On May 24th Microsoft had previewed Windows Phone 7 Mango update which is next major update for Windows Phone OS. At an event Microsoft had also announced that Windows Phone 7 Mango update will be available freely for all Windows Phone 7 handsets at the beginning of the autumn.

Unfortunately developers had to wait longer to teast Windows Phone 7 Mango update. Only after about month Microsoft handed first beta of Windows Phone 7 Mango update to developers to deploy and test their Windows Phone 7 apps.

Inspire of mango update leaked on internet only those who has developer unlocked Windows Phone can only try and test which might be big disappointed for impatient users wanted to test mango update. Well thanks to few enthusiasts to making a way to install mango update on any Windows Phone 7 device without developer account.

Now here is even more exciting stuff, if you own HTC HD2 and don’t want to risk your current Windows Phone 7 device then here is guide on how to install Mango Beta on HTC HD2.

How to Install Windows Phone 7 Mango on HTC HD2

1. Download & Install MAGLDR 1.13 Bootloader on your HTC HD2

2. Download Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta Files

3. Now put your HD2 into USB Flasher mode when prompted on HD2 boot up

4. Run DWI.exe from PC with HD2 connected

That’s it now enjoy Mango beta update on your HTC HD2.

Here video of HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta,

Via Pocketnow

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