JailbreakMe 3.0 to Jailbreak iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3 Released, Here is how to Jailbreak Guide

iPad 2 users has been waiting patiently since March for the jailbreak. The first iPad 2 jailbreak video from Comex did gave sign of relief to iPad 2 users but it died quickly as soon as iOS 4.3.1 was released which fixed the vulnerability used to jailbreak iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.

About month back he again started working on iPad 2 jailbreak and this time he succeeded in jailbreaking iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3. Along with success in iPad 2 jailbreak using userland jailbreak Comex also implemented Unionfs for faster jailbreak process.

The delay in iPad 2 jailbreak via JailbreakMe was due to Comex wanted to make sure it works perfectly and there aren’t any issue with jailbreak unfortunately while beta testing JailbreakMe 3.0 with private beta tester it got leaked in wild putting Comex in useless time constrain to release jailbreakMe 3.0 as soon as possible, as Apple may release a firmware update fix the hole used in JailbreakMe 3.0 userland jailbreak.

And finally today Comex has released JailbreakMe 3.0 iPad 2 jailbreak for iOS 4.3 & 4.3.3. Since this is userland jailbreak it doesn’t quire any software or tools to download for jailbreaking. Also the process of jailbreaking iPad 2 using JailbreakMe 3.0 is pretty simple. Just follow below simple steps to jailbreak iPad 2 4.3.3 or 4.3 iOS.

How to Jailbreak iPad  4.3.3 iOS Using JailbreakMe 3.0

1. Connect your iPad 2 to PC or Mac and take backup via iTunes

2. if your iPad has iOS 4.3.1 or 4.3.2 then download iOS 4.3.3 from here

3. Now Update iOS 4.3.3 using iTunes

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4. Make sure your iPad 2 is connected to internet via wifi network or 3G

5. Start Safari browser on your iPad 2 & browse http:/JailbreakMe.com site

6.  On left side tap on Free Button and then click on install.

7. Wait for jailbreakme 3.0 to download necessary file and complete the rest of the jailbreak process

Voila that’s it, your iPad 2 should be jailbroken successfully now.

Here is video tutorial on how to jailbreak iPad 2 4.3.3 witj JailbreakMe 3.0.



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