Unlocked iPhone 4 Arriving in U.S on Wednesday, Starting with $649

The rumors of unlocked iPhone 4 arriving to US quickly started spreading last weekend and by today there are multiple sources confirming unlocked iPhone 4s are already landed to retain Apple stores in US. It was first tweeted by chronic where he got confused with model numbers, treating it as new Macbook Air refresh but later he corrected and confirmed its unlocked iPhone 4.

Unlocked iPhone 4s will be sold early by Wednesday at Apple retain stores and should be available in 16GB & 32Gb model. However there are speculations that only GSM version of unlocked iPhone 4 will be available. For years Apple has sold unlocked iPhones internationally in countries like Canada, UK and other European countries but this is the first time when US will be getting unlocked version of iPhone 4 which is quite surprising move by Apple.

Talking about pricing unlocked iPhone 4 16 GB model will cost around $649 and 32 GB one is priced at $749. The existing iPhone 4 owners will be disappointed by this move, as they are tide to 2 years contract with AT&T and spending another $600 for new unlocked iPhone 4 wouldn’t be wise decision.

The model numbers of US unlocked iPhone 4 are as follow

MC603 (16GB, Black)

MC604 (16GB, White)

MC605 (32GB, Black)

MC606 (32GB, White)

Another thought on why Apple is now selling unlocked iPhone 4 could be ramping down their iPhone 4 stock for upcoming iPhone 5.

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