Complete List of New Features of iOS 5 Announced at WWDC 2011

After months of rumours and speculations finally today Apple demoed iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV.  iOS 5 is next major release and comes with 200 new user features and over 1,500 new APIs. Out of 200 new user features, 10 features are major which are listed below along with other notable features.

New Features of iOS 5

1. Notifications – The current notification system is pretty annoying specially while you are busy in playing games or on calls and notification alerts pops up. The new notification system in iOS 5 is named as Notification Canter. You need to just swipe down from the top to access notifications also to clear notifications there is special button “X“, just tap on the little X to the right and it disappears.

2. NewsStand – From iOS 5 users can easily follow magazine and newspaper subscriptions from NewsStand app.

3. Twitter -This time Apple has attempted to make Twitter integrations into core by adding options into Camera & Photo App to instantly share it on twitter. Apple has made it easy for other apps to use Twitter features by storing sign on details in settings app. Another place where Twitter integrations in iOS 5 can be found in contacts where you can sync contacts from Twitter itself.

4. Safari Reader – This is the new feature of iOS Safari browser aimed to bring distraction free reading environment on iDevices. Along with Safari Reader a yet another feature added to mobile safari is Reading List which will let users to collect links to reading is later which can be sync across various devices like Mac, iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone and last but no least addition to Safari is tabbed browsing.

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5. Reminder – As name suggest an app to set remiders which can be synced across multiple devices along with location sense feature to set reminder based on geo locations.

6. Camera – Now users can take pictures with volume key or from lockscreen without need of entering passcode if you have set one. The Camera app now also let users to pinch and zoom on photo

7. Split Keyboard – in iOS 5 you can split keyboard by dragging keyboard with thumb at the top on your iPad.

8. Dictionary – iOS 5 will come with build in dictionary and it can be utilized by all the App store apps.

9. PC Free – Starting from iOS 5 users will no longer require PC or Mac to activate device out of the box. Also with iOS 5 users will receive OTA updates aka delta updates meaning it will have only what’s changed.

10. New Game Center – With iOS 5 Apple is planning to be more social by providing friend recommendations and game recommendations. Also users can purchase and download games from game center.

11. iMessage – In iOS 5 Apple has introduced a new messaging app which cross platform & works on 3G as well as wife. Users will also be able to share text messages, photos, videos, contacts, and even do group messaging. Will also get delivery receipts, read receipts, and real-time typing notification

iOS 5 will be available for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, 4G, iPad 1 & 2 & Apple TV  2G. Beta for iOS 5 is available for download and final release will be on this fall.

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