RipDev’s Installer is Back, Here is How to Install on Jailbroken iPhone & iPod Touch

Infini-Dev team has been working on couple of interesting projects of which one which we had covered here is Lima which will be the first Safari browser based Cydia alternative for jailbroken iDevices. They are also working on one more Cydia alternative Installer which reincarnation of RipDev, worlds first 3rd party app store, Introduced by NullRiver.

About month back they had ported Icy to iOS 4+ and now today they have released RipDev’s Installer (reincarnation) for iDevices with iOS 4.3.3. Installer is alternative to Cydia but works quite different. You won’t be able to add Cydia repos to Installer & vise versa Right now, Installer works on every single iOS released after 2.1, even on 4.3.3.

If you are looking to try Installer then follow below steps to get Installer App.

How to Install Installer App (Cydia Alternative) on Jailbroken iPhone & iPod Touch

1. You must have jailbroken iPhone & iPod Touch

2. Download Installer 4.1 & extract zip contents.

3. Download & Install OpenSSH on your iDevice from Cydia

4. Get the IP of your Idevice from Settings App

5. Download WinSCP or CyberDuck SSH client

6. Open your SSH client and SSH to your iPhone, iPod Touch. (default password is “alpine”)

7.  Now copy to Applications directory.

8. Make sure you have set 755 permission (recursively) for Installer.App

9. That’s it, a new icon of Installer will be added to springboard. Tap on Installer icon to access the apps for jailbroken iPhones.

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