Easily Tweak Different Windows Settings with Tweak Me

Tweak Me as the name suggest is the utility for Microsoft Windows based operating systems to let users to easily tweak Windows settings. Tweak Me supports Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7 and offers about 172 different Windows tweaks. Its a small utility of 1 Mb in size and has tweaks listed in four different categories viz, Tweaks, StartUps, Context, Cleaner.

Tweak Me Features

1. Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

2. Creates System Restore Points for maximum security

3. 172 tweaks which greatly improves your system’s performance and stability

4. Easy to use, different colors show the tweaks’ recommendations

5. Cleaner module which helps you to keep your system clean

6. Startup module which helps you keeps your system fast and clean

7. Context menu module which helps you to keep your context menus clean

Tweaks – This categories of Tweak Me offers many system related tweaks for which there is no easy & direct access to those settings for e.g in order to access Aero related settings such as Disabling Aero Peek, Aer Snap, Aero Shake one needs to  go through four different settings & menu options. The same options are instantly accessible via Tweak Me.

Cleaner – As the name suggests this category of tweaks offers easy way to clean varies cache, loges, dumps created by system & third party applications, temporary internet files, browser caches, cookies.  You can analyze the identify the space wasted by these logs & cache before cleaning them. Also offers simple option to check/un-check multiple options & perform cleanup in one go.

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StartUp – Lists all the programs, applications and system related executable added in startup which could slow down your system & increases booting time. With Tweak Me users can disable unwanted programs and applications which he wants to remove from startup.

Context Menu – This part of Tweak Me has options to edit context menu (right click menu).  Tweak Me allows editing of context menu for drives, directories, desktop wallpaper & global context menu.

Every time when user runs Tweak me utility, it asks for creating system restore point in order to prevent any accidental damage to system which is likely the case when you are tweaking system related settings.

Tweak Me requires.Net Framework 3.5 of higher version, make sure you have installed required .net framework before running this program.

Download Tweak Me v. Utility for Windows 7 , Windows Vista & Windows Xp.



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