Windows 7 Running on iPod Touch 3G / 4G

We know it’s hard to believe the title of the post and not many Apple fan boys will ever appreciate it but it looks this could become reality very soon. The ModMyI forum member LaGGaH has posted alleged screenshots of what he says is Windows 7 running on iPod Touch & he is planning to upload full Windows 7 Ultimate Soon! At the moment following features seems to be working.

Working Features
Working Start Menu
Internet Explorer
Windows Media Player
New icons
Windows 7 sounds

Windows 7 on iPod Touch 4G & 3G

We do have reasons for not to believe in these screenshots, it could be VNC viewer running on iPod Touch or this is just Windows 7 look alike theme for iPod Touch. But possibilities can’t be discarded as Android is already ported to iPhone & iPod Touch and several other smartphones in past like Sony Ericsson Xperia was hacked to run Ubuntu, Nokia N900 booted with Ubuntu Mobile.

We really hope this project becomes reality!!!

Thanks to Sid of Blogote for this interesting finding.

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