Apple & Verizon Planning for OTA iOS Updates for iPhone

Apple is known for pushing updates via their popular iTunes application. This method is not only suitable but also helps users in saving money by avoiding data transfer on their mobile plans. But it also has drawback that until you don’t connect your iDevice to PC and Mac on which it is synced you will never notice new firmware update. But this may change in iOS 5.

9to5mac is reporting that Apple & Verizon are planning to introduce over the air updates for Verizon iPhone, OTA updates are more related with Android. In OTA updates, new firmware update notifications are pushed via carrier and users has option to accept & reject update. When user accepts updates the phone starts downloading firmware over the network and updates are installed without any user intervention.

This method is definitely easy way of keeping your iPhone updated and Apple will likely introduce OTA updates in iOS 5 and above. As per 9to5mac sources,

“Apple and Verizon Wireless are said to have been in talks over these wireless software updates since early this year. Sources could not comment on whether or not Apple is negotiating similar deals with AT&T or international iPhone carriers.”

We don’t need to wait longer to know whether Apple is really planning for OTA updates as iOS 5 developer preview is expected at WWDC 2011.

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