How to Change Windows 8 Logon Background Wallpaper

On Windows 7 we have proper tools to change Windows 7 Login background unfortunately they don’t work on Windows 7 leaked Build 7955, but well that doesn’t mean there not way to change the default ugly guy logon wallpaper on Windows 7 Build 7955. Thanks to amazing finding Alex Reed of

In leaked images of latest Windows 8 builds there is setting to change logon wallpaper which is missing in Windows 8 Build 7955, as per Alex by just adding simple flag to theme ini file users can set desktop wallpaper as login wallpaper on Windows 8. So here is simple steps on how to change logon wallpaper on Windows 8.

How to Change Login Screen Wallpaper on Windows 8

1.  Go to C:\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes\

2. Now take ownership of basic.theme (or which theme you are using at the moment)

3. Open basic.theme in notepad

4. Change SetLogonBackground=0 to SetLogonBackground=1 as shown in below screenshot

5. Now save file and reboot.

That’s it. your desktop wallpaper will be used as Login screen background.

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