How to Enable Windows 8 Aero Aurora Feature

One of Windows 8 feature is “Aero Aurora” under personalization settings which  allows Windows 8 to detect the colour of the wallpaper and decide what colour the taskbar, start menu and explorer aero glass colours should be. This could be handy feature for wallpapers lovers who from time to time changes wallpaper and want to get rid of hassle of manually setting aero, windows & taskbar colours.

Windows 8 Aero Aurora Settings

Until now it was believed that leaked Windows 8 build 7950 doesn’t have “Aero Aurora”  feature but well one of Windows enthusiast at Win-HD discovered the functionality is there in Windows 8 Build 7950 except it is disabled.

In order to activate Windows 8 Aero Aurora some file are required, which is nothing but premade Windows 8 Theme based on Window 8 Aero lite with auto colorization flag=1.

Check out below images of Windows 8 Aero Aurora in action.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Click on Image to Enlarge

Download Windows 8 Aero Aurora Theme Files.

Via Neowin

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