Unlock Windows 8 Hidden Features with Windows 8 Tweaker Tool

We have been sharing quite lot of information related to Windows 8. Thanks to Windows enthusiasts for digging into code and uncovering series of new Windows 8 features. We have reported about how to enable Windows 8 Ribbon as well  as modern taskbar. Now here is something even more exciting for you. The folks at Windows8Beta & Windows8Search they have created a tweaking tool Windows 8 Tweaker  to unlock following Windows 8 Features.

Windows 8 Tweaker to Unlock Hidden Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 PDF Reader

Windows 8 Ribbon UI

Windows 8 Webcam App

Windows 8 Modern Task Manager

Windows 8 Tweaker

Keep in mind that most of these are found from leaked Windows 8 Build 7850 which itself is very early milestone 1 build. These features may or may not work as expected.

Download Windows 8 Tweaker tool to unlock hidden Windows 8 Features.

Via Compixels

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