Fix Windows Live Messenger 9 (2009) Build 1202 Login (Sign in) Issue

Windows Live Messenger 2009 Logo

Recently Microsoft had released Windows Live Essentials Beta a completely revamped Windows Live Pack which has many new services and updated software applications like Windows Live Messenger 9 which has been updated to build 14.0.8050.1202 also known as Windows Live Messenger 2009 build 1202.

We all love to use latest released software application because of our eagerness to try new features, same is case with Windows Live Messenger users. After Upgrading Windows Live Messenger to Build 1202 many users started reporting issue while trying to login or signing to Windows Live Messenger 9 (2009) build 1202.

Windows Live Messenger 2009 Login Error & Signin Issue

Windows Live Messenger 2009 Login Error

From above screenshot you can see Windows Live Messenger signing Error Code 80072745 and Error code 81000451

Since this time Microsoft have created windows live essentials beta which automatically includes dependent application when you try to download any single application like Windows Live Messenger 2009.

Hence you must install the other critical portions of the Windows Live Essentials Beta in order to run the build smoothly. The essentials suite downloads Windows Live Communications Platform, Microsoft Application Error Reporting, and Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime.

If you are missing any of this component then you may use below links for downloading.

Download: Windows Live Communications Platform
Download: Microsoft Application Error Reporting (32-bit)
Download: Microsoft Application Error Reporting (64-bit)
Download: Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime

AVG anti-virus program has been causing problems letting users log-in. If your unable to login, make sure you check your firewall settings, and if you’re using AVG try disabling it.

I will update this post as an when I get more fixes for Windows Live Messenger 9 (2009) Build 1202 sign-in and login related issue.

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57 thoughts on “Fix Windows Live Messenger 9 (2009) Build 1202 Login (Sign in) Issue”

  1. i get error code 80072745…i can’t use messenger live 2008, please help, my computer is compatible because it’s windows vista….i need msn, i have to go online all the time and use web messenger….its old and rubbish! thanksssss

  2. I got a very big troublesome. after i sign in the window live messenger, the communication platform jumps out and the messenger sign automatically. Please? Some one help me? I need all of your help. please?

  3. I love you dear.

    It worked , It worked.

    I was getting the error 8007007e. After roaming on the web for several days, I finally came across this post.

    Downloaded and Installed these components and it worked.
    Windows Live Communications Platform
    Microsoft Application Error Reporting (32-bit)
    Microsoft Application Error Reporting (64-bit)
    Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime

    Thanks Again.

  4. Nice guide and it works.

    Download: Microsoft Application Error Reporting (32-bit)
    Download: Microsoft Application Error Reporting (64-bit)
    For those new to here, please install either one of it that are compatible with your processor.

  5. Simple but effective.

    Had the same connectionproblem here, and no “help” from M$.
    Other then there was an unknown error.

    I ran
    Windows Live Communications Platform
    Microsoft Application Error Reporting (32-bit)
    Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime

    And no more problems…

  6. cant install the components it says:
    ‘this installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package.’

    im running on windows xp and i got the error code 8007007e.
    its deeply frustrating not able to sign in on windows live messenger and hav to deal with windows messenger..


  7. m using windows xp, i just installed my windows live messenger….after i sign in, it signs out automatically giving an error report
    can anyone help me how to overcome this problem??

  8. windows live communications platform has encountered aproblem and needs to close.we are sorry for the inconvenience.
    if you were inmiddle of something,the information you wereworking on might be lost.
    please tell microsoft about this problem.
    we have created an error report that you can send to help us improve windows live communications platform.we will treat this report as confidential and anonymous.
    error signature:
    Appname:wlcomm.exe Appver:14.0.8064.206 Modname:ntdll.dll
    Modver:5.1.2600.2180 offset:000105f8

    Please tell us about how you get rid of this grace
    With thanks

  9. i get error code 8007007e and am at my wits end with trying to fix it. i have trued uninstalling it about fifty times and so far nothing. any help would be much appreciated

  10. Same issue here.

    “i get error code 8007007e and am at my wits end with trying to fix it. i have trued uninstalling it about fifty times and so far nothing. any help would be much appreciated”

    I tried ZapMessenger and reinstalled the componenets
    Microsoft Application Error Reporting (32-bit)
    – installs without error
    Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime – Installes without error
    Windows Live Communications Platform – Error on install “Nwere version on contacts is already installed.”

    and Windows Live Communicatiosn Platform and Live
    Essentials or both greyed out in Add Remove.

    Any ideas?

  11. Dear Sir,

    As many other users i do have problem with my web cam since i downloaded the new version of msn.
    I tryed the steps you provide on how to fix the problem but unfortunatly its not happening. I dont know if its Mcafee siteadvisor but it doesnt let me do the changes you advice us.
    First of all, following your steps, there is no sasets.ini. I found ‘sasets’ and ‘saset.dll’. i right-click on sasets and i followed all the steps you advice but it doesnt let me save it.
    Can you please advice me if its something else i must do.
    Thank you.

  12. I`ve got error message 8001012e pls help me… error description -> you can`t log in beacuse the service is temporarly not avaible

  13. I installed and ran the suit and it just doesnt work
    i still cant log in.
    my error is 80080005
    can someone help me?

  14. I can’t sign in! but I don’t get any error messages at at!!! plus I use a network psasport. so my email isn’t hotmail. do i need to make an hotmail one? I hate hotmail.

  15. After I installed msn 2009, I keep getting an error message 8001012e ! Is there any way I can fix it or uninstall msn2009?

  16. I am unable to sign into the latest live messenger, the signing in process
    works with the spinning picture and it seys signing in, then it just goes
    back to the log in info.

    tried with other accounts, an earlier version of msn messenger on the
    machine works fine (the one linked with outlook). I have sucessfully signed
    in online using the webpage and the connectivity test all say ok. i have
    tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

  17. Hi,

    After installed msn 2009, I am not able to login – I don’t get any error messages. It just try to login (showing the two symbols ‘dancing’ around each other for a few seconds) and get back to the login screen once again??? I tried – on purpose – to type in a wrong password, just to see the reaction, and here I get an error message that I typed in either wrong email or password, but when I try to login with the correct ones, nothing happens. Please help…



  18. I installed the new msn, and for some reason every time i sign in it stays signed in for about 5 seconds and then it signs out, no error messages or anything. Please help me, I’m getting really annoyed by it.

  19. i got sooo much errors 1.80070002 thn i tried to reinstall wlm,but i codn’t unistall it becoz it is not been shown in control panel,i downloaded zapmessenger ,it some how removed wlm but now new trouble appeared showing me error 8007007e,can any one help me in dis cauz im tired now im tring on it for 4 days but no use …. thnx

  20. when i try to webcam video call i get error ox8ac7oo13 please tell me how to fix this so i can video call thanks

  21. Mine is Error 80048820: You can’t sign in to Windows Live Messenger

    After trying firewall and other measures but to no avail, I tried the following found in

    Check your Internet Explorer security settings

    1. Start Internet Explorer.
    2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
    3. On the Advanced tab, in the Security section, make sure that the Check for server certificate revocation check box is cleared. Also, make sure that the Use SSL 2.0 and the Use SSL 3.0 check boxes are selected.
    4. Click OK.

    After that I closed both internet explorer and windows live messenger, and subsequently reopened them one after the other, I WAS ABLE TO SIGN IN WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER 9.

    Perhaps you should try it…

    Good luck!

  22. We found a solution to the problem of gettin an error trying to log in to windows live messenger that list wlcomm.exe and rpawinet.dll. Just rename rpawinet.dll and you can login fine. rpawinet.dll is a NetIdentity HTTP Filter from Novell, Inc. *WARNING* Do not rename this file if you are using the Novell ZENworks
    Desktop Management Agent to login to a ZENworks Middle Tier Server or
    are using the Myapps.html web site to launch ZENworks applications
    (i.e., if you are in an “Agent Only” with no Novell Client
    environment). Renaming the file will result in the inability to
    authenticate to the Middle Tier or launch applications from the
    MyApps.html web page.”

  23. If I log in at the messenger its says an error of Windows Live Communication Platform.
    I reinstalled it a couple of times and downloaded the WLCP (the link is above) but its says there is a newer version installed.

    with Search I cant find WLCP, please help me

  24. i have a problem. i can’t use camera and microphone of my new laptop sony vaio from windows live msn messenger 2009 edition.the name of the camera error is 0x8ac70013
    i ‘ve tryed to repair it from macafee steps that saw from a website but with no result.
    Please can you send me an email telling me what to do.

    Thank you

  25. People who have the error : 8007007e.

    u can try to download those things above but i have xp and the 32 bit thing, it does install but then nothin happens and with the 64 bit it says it can’t install so i found another solution.

    go to program files and go into your windows live folder

    then go to installer and click on the wlarp

    u can remove windows live or fix all installed programs.
    choose the fix all option and then restart,

    when i did it msn finally worked again like always so i hope this helps for you guys(sorry for the grammar english is not my main language)

  26. My Error is the 81000451. So how do i fix it exacly? I used 2 be able to use msg 9.0 then it went all fucked, do i just download those files you posted?

  27. Its so easy and i check,,, its working only for Windows Live Messenger Beta 2009
    +click start button
    +and click run
    +Paste this code

    msiexec /x {0AAA9C97-74D4-47CE-B089-0B147EF3553C}

  28. OMG! Please please help. I tried downloading them and the first to worked but the last to said they couldnt be installed ARG. Ive tried EVERYTHING. Please email me, it is in my info. If you cant see it comment back and i will email it too u. THX

  29. I’ve been searching for days the answer to why everytime I run windows live messenger 2009 build:14.0.8064.206, I have to sign back into it. I click every check box on the messenger window to SAVE USER ID/PASSWORD as well as sign me in Automatically when I run messenger as busy. Once I close the messenger I lose my signin info the next time I run it. So in other words, run messenger, enter my login, click all check boxes to auto log me in the next time I run messenger, I run messenger the next time and !!#@$$#WHAMMMM No saved login, NOW I have to re-enter all my login info again. it’s everytime I shut messenger down and start it up again.

  30. Hi i was having a problem with msn as it was not allowing me to send messages to any of my friends. I tryed uninstalling it but could not find it in my add/remove list, so i put a bit of code i found from google into my start/run bit and that uninstalled messenger for me. I then installed it again and now i keep getting error 8007007e. I have tryed ALOT to fix this i was wondering if anyone had any new ideas for me to try thanks

  31. I have downloaded Windows Live Messenger 2009 and now I can’t login. I click on sign-in,…it tries to connect, then it goes back to the sign in page (where my email and password is with the ‘sign in’ button at the bottom. No error messages.

    Earlier, my old msn was working fine but I was sick of getting the message telling me there is a newer version out each time I sign in (and I WANT the new version…only makes sense). I can’t remember what version that was but must have been the old one 7.1 or something like that (different sort of installation set up as that doesn’t give me all the different things I can install at the same time i.e. Mail, etc).

    I can get the connection logging if someone can give me their email address to send to as it is long. I have tried looking it but none of the codes make sense to me. When I run the connection troubleshooter (in option), everything came back fine. HELP PLEASE!!! PS: I have unintalled MSN Live before I installed the new version.

  32. My Windows Live Messenger(build:14.0.8064.206)worked fine until about 3 weeks ago.I have tried to uninstall & reinstall.When I click on Messenger options & click on Connections it tells me not connected to .net messenger but when I check Server status it says it is working fine.
    If I click on Advanced Settings there is nothing in any boxes & if I choose any of the other options it won’t let me change things there either.
    So how do I get my live messenger working again.
    when I try to troubleshoot it has an issue with Key Ports.

    Can anyone please help me?

  33. hellloo, well i downloaded the new msn the other day abit bhind i know! but every time i try to sign in it says i have an error code of

    8001012e HELPP I MISS MSN :-(( <3333

  34. Hallo,I have a problem with my messenger 2009 Version (Build 14.0.8064.206)when I Sign into Windows Live Messenger I got error message “failed because the service is temporarily unavailable.Please try again later.”
    Error code:8e5e04bd
    Please tell me what I have to do to correct this problem.

  35. I had this same problem and it drove me nuts until I went to the Windows support page and it said the problem could be as simple as the date and time stamp on your computer being wrong. SO I checked and sure enough the date on my computer was a month ahead. After I set it back VOILAAA like magic I could sign into Windows live Messenger!!! Here is the link for anyone who wants to try it, it worked for me!!!

  36. Thank you very much indeed …. it worked for me and I solved the problem… Now I can enjoy my msn messenger….
    Thanks again…

  37. ive just updated my msn messenger live and it will not connect :( i dont get a error message it just wont connect , ive reinstalled windows from fresh and that hasnt even worked, the last msn i had worked gr8 this sux ! :(


  38. i have recently updated my live messenger from 8.5 to 9 after that when i sign in my all contacts are dissapear even i have sign in with 2 different ids but both have same problem(contact dissapear) i shall be very thankfull to u if u solve this matter…

  39. I recently updated msn from 8.5 to 9 as well but for some strange reason it won’t sign me in at all. The image will spin for a couple seconds and then stop and the sign in button will appear again as if nothing happened.. Either nothing happens or a message pops up saying: “Windows Live Communications Platform has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” So far I have tried to delete and reinstall MSN, delete browsing history, checked time & date to make sure it’s correct..

    thx for the help.

  40. Hello, Pls help me, every time I sigh in Windows live ,when I am online, in 3 seconds comes this” Windows Live Communication Platform” massage in a box….and tells me to cloes. Here is what is there written ” WIndows Live Communication Platform has encountered a porblem and needs to cole,we are sorry for the inconviniance. IF U were in the middllll….bla bla….for more inforamtion ab the error click here” So I click and appears ” Error signature… AppName: wlcomm.exe AppVer: 14.0.8064.206 ModName: cvasds1.dll
    Plssss help me to make this right, how can I do, I need it very much…if u knnow smth pls write in my address
    Thanks Beforehand

  41. hey ,
    if trying out all dis still doesnt help Windows Live Messenger to open up..den do the following:

    1—-C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Contacts
    2—right clcik properties of wlcomm.exe
    3—click compatibility
    4— Run on windows 95
    5— tick disable visual effects
    6— clcik OK

    7—> and presto your problem is solved

    & if still the problem persists

    1- Locate a file names ”wldlog.dll” in C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Contacts
    2- Cut the file & paste it to My Documents only in the midst of singning in the Messenger.

  42. hello …

    i’m one of those who got the same signing in problem ..
    & now here i am chatting with my friends using the latest version …


    take care

  43. I just downloaded Yahoo IM and now I can’t get into my Windows live messenger. The icon is there, but when I try to sign in the message is, “we can’t sign you into windows live messenger in this format. I even downloaded the latest version, but it still doesn’t open. Where do I go to delete the whole im and start over? Can I use my same ID when I open a new one?

  44. hellllooo……m having biggg problem in windows live messenger 9 version……my contact list has been dessappared..i can’t see mt contact list plzzzzzzzzz help meee

  45. My problem is the error reporting (I identified it when trying to repair Windows Live), but when I download the file listed and run it, it says that it’s ‘gathering required information’ but never actually installs after that – it just has the status bar fill up and then the window disappears. I waited for awhile hoping that it was just running in the background, but I don’t think the error reporting update is working for me

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