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It took almost three month for google to make final release of Google Chrome meaning Google chrome is out of beta now. Few days ago Google released Google Chrome Looking at way google working on Google Chrome to promote thru Adsense, form official google homepage, on YouTube this makes clear indication of google intension over browser war.

Like first release of Google Chrome beta, Google Chrome is again not available as offline installer and you need to download chrome via online installer. This definitely has several disadvantages like,

1. You need to download Google Chrome every time you need to reinstall.

2. If you have multiple PC then on every PC you need to download Google Chrome,

3. You can not take advantage of downloading single installer and installing on multiple PC.

4. If you have slow internet connection or your connection is buddy then you may not be able to download chrome in single attempts.

Looking at above points their need of Google Chrome Offline Installer, we had published a post on very first day of Google Chrome release for downloading google chrome offline standalone installer and we have got very good response. We have decided to make Google Chrome offline installer available for download by extracting it from installed google chrome.

Google Chrome offline installer Link

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer. (Rapidshare)

You need to extract file from above zip archive and run install.bat file included in zip file that’s it.

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  1. hi i am dua i want download offline installar but here web site rapidshare its not download able site

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