Recover Saved Passwords for MSN, Google Talk & Yahoo Messenger with Messenger Key

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Instant Messengers have become one of important part of our communication medium as well as best way to stay in touch with friends. Most of the users have different accounts for messengers like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN. Its likely that you may forgot password for any of this messenger account if you don’t use it regularly.

Forgot Password option will only be useful if you still remember secret question answers and other details which you have provide while creating an account, in case if you have stored your password in messenger then you can still recover it using Messenger Key. Messenger key is small utility which lets you to recover stored password of MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger.

Messenger Key lets you to instantly recover passwords stored within Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo Messenger.

Features provided by Messenger Key

– All versions of Mirabilis ICQ starting with ICQ 99 are supported

– Mirabilis ICQ Lite is supported

– MSN Messenger is supported

– Google Talk Messenger is supported

– Yahoo Messenger is supported

– State of the art password recovery engine – all passwords are recovered instantly

– Multilingual passwords are supported

– Full install/uninstall support

Screenshot of Messenger Key

Messenger Key

Download Freeware Messenger Key to Recover Passwords from Instant Messenger.

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