Transform Windows XP Interface To Windows Vista Look

Windows XP to Vista

Windows Vista which was meant to be best the Microsoft Operating System has seen slow adoption rate, despite great efforts from Microsoft to make Windows Vista popular, most of user want to still stick to Windows XP, thanks to its stability.

However the eye candy which Windows Vista interface offers through its new aero glass effect is really awesome and very tempting to try. If you are the one like us tempted to try and test Windows Vista new interface without upgrading or install Windows Vista then here an interesting piece of software for you, VistaMagicPack as it sounds, it lets you to add and enjoy Vista Magic on your Windows XP.

VistaMagicPack 5.0 is a simple program which is designed to change your XP interface and make it look like the new Windows Vista. This program includes Vista themes and some 3rd party programs that will make your Vista experience even better on Windows XP.

Features of New VistaMagicPack 5.0

• Updated skins
• Changed my AeroPlus Skin to version 1.5
• Added Re-Ico(to finally add vista icons!!!!)
• Updated LClock with some cool new features
• Updated TrueTransparency skin after reports of it messing up the computer
• Decided to add PatchItNow! after people complain pointlessly of the pack not working
• Updated WinFlip
• Added Vista Beta skin(after a group wanting it)
• Added Rainmeter Vista Sidebar(better than Thoosje’s)
• Updated TT with my AeroPlus Skin(better than TrueAero3)
• Fixed VistaWelcomeCenter after glitches reported)
• Added extra copy of Sidebar(new one)
• Updated WinFlip
• Updated IE 7.0 and Vista Explorer
• Added FastAero Version E
• Fixed KB925902 Glitch where TT would crash the computer.
• Added Y’z Shadow
• Added Vista RTM WOW Icons
• Added Sn1ping Guy_113’s Vista Paint
• Added PiXeLaDo’s Vista Pic VIewer
• Added ViStart BETA
• Updated to VisualTooltip 2.20(thanks to Sn1ping Guy_113 for pointing that out to me!)
• Added monkeygirl’s Vista Account Pics
• Updated Welcome Center(can edit because the creator is no longer making it)
• Added TransBar
• Added RocketDock(cool mac-like dock)
• Added Vista Drive Status
• Added Glass2k
• Added GlassToasts
• Added installer pic

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Windows XP with VistaMagicPack

Windows Xp Vista

The size of VistaMagicPack 5.5 is about 65 MB, also make sure you take backup of your important data and create restore point before installing VistaMagicPack. We will not be responsible for any damage that may happen by installing third party programs.

Download VistaMagicPack 5.5 to Convert Windows XP to Windows Vista.



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