Download Your Favorite TV Shows Latest Episodes on Mac OS X with Freeware TVShows

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Many Computer Users love to download latest TV shows Episodes. So that they can watch episodes of their favorite TV shows as per their convenient. But one of biggest hurdle in downloading latest TV show episodes is How to track and from where to download TV shows episodes.If you are one such user who finds it difficult to manually download Latest TV shows episode and using Mac OS X machine then here is cool freeware application TVShows 0.3.4 for Mac OS X users which lets you to automatically download all your favorite TV shows episodes. You don’t need to manually download torrent files, TVShows does it for you.

TVShows is not a bit torrent client instead it just keeps running in background at regular interval to check for latest episodes and automatically downloads latest TV shows Torrent file. TVShows will automatically use your preferred Bittorrent client to download the shows.

Features of Freeware TVShows 0.3.4

1. Automatic process in background: no need to run the application 24/7; silent and unobstructive
2. Intelligent: downloads the right episode as soon as it is available
3. Quality selection: choose a quality setting (Normal, High or Very High)

Screenshot of TVShows 0.3.4

TVShows 0.3.4 Main Screen

TVShows Episode List

Download Freeware TVShows 0.3.4 for Mac OS X .

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1 thought on “Download Your Favorite TV Shows Latest Episodes on Mac OS X with Freeware TVShows”

  1. I think TVShows is great and still use it. I know some people prefer using Ted, which is another good option (though the interface isn’t nearly as slick). The one negative about TVShows is that it appears to be dead, so if updates are needed, we’ll be out of luck (probably).

    Now, if you want to convert the torrents into versions that can be played on your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV, I wrote an article that explains, step by step, how to do it: Getting your DVDs onto your Mac, iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV.

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