Gmail Google Gadget Released Now Access Gmail From Your Desktop

Gmail Gadget

Google Mail Gmail is quite popular web mail used by millions of users. Gmail team has been continuously working on Gmail to enhance it as well as add as many new features they can. We have several extensions for checking gmail right from your firefox browser but none desktop gadget or application is available until today.

Accessing gmail right from desktop is definitely exciting way checking mails as well as more productive then traditional way of checking mails by login to your gmail account from gmail website. After several request from countless users Google Gadget team has released Gmail Gadget. Now you can have Gmail on your desktop.

Gmail Google Gadget lets you to check mails, sent mails, compose mails, search. Gmail gadget can be kept in your sidebar or you can undock from sidebar.

Screenshot of Gmail Google Gadget

Gmail Gadget

Gmail Gadget Check Inbox Mails

Google Gadget Compose Mails

You need to have Google Desktop 5 to use Gmail Gadget.

Download Gmail Gadget

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