Blue Reloaded 1.0 Free WordPress Theme From Blogsdna Lab

Blogsdna is happy to announce its 2nd contribution to wordpress community with free Blue Reloaded 1.0 WordPress theme for wordpress bloggers. Blue Reloaded 1.0 has eye catching sleek design that follows Web 2.0 standards.

The name is derived from the fact that this theme uses Blue color. Blue Reloaded is three column professional wordpress theme with maximum exposure to your blog content.

Silent Features of Blue Reloaded 1.0 WordPress Theme

– Web 2.0 Looks: Blue Reloaded 1.0 has Web 2.0 look and feel

– Sidebar Widget Compatibility: Sidebars of this theme are fully compatible with default WordPress widgets and can easily customized for compatibility with custom widgets.

– Horizontal Page Navigation: Blue Reloaded 1.0 has Horizontal Page navigation so that your blog readers can easily roam thru different static pages of blog.

– Left and Right Sidebar: Blue Reloaded 1.0 Has two powerful sidebar left and right sidebar to let you add as much of content as much you can with advertising hot spot at top of two sidebar.

– RSS Subscription: Blue Reloaded 1.0 is integrated with popular RSS subscription like Google Reader, Bloglines, Newsgotor, My yahoo and cute looking small RSS Icon .

– Maximum Content Exposure: Blue Reloaded 1.0 is designed to give maximum exposure to your content with Popular post, Recent post, Categories, Popular tags, Post navigations Threaded Comment system.

– SEO Optimized: Blue Reloaded 1.0 is designed with SEO rules, The headings, title tags, and links have been embedded in such a way that makes it easy for Search Engine Spiders to crawl your blog and give it a higher ranking.

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– Google Adsense Optimized: This theme has greater Adsense ad blending capability which intern helps the blogger to generate revenue from blog.

– Faster Loading Low Theme Size: Blue Reloaded has been designed with lesser image uses and optimized php code which makes it faster loading

You can easily add/spice up Blue Reloaded theme. Comments within theme files help you to easily locate part of code. You can also swap left and right sidebar.

Screenshot of Blue Reloaded 1.0

Blue Reloaded WordPress Theme

Download Blue Reloaded 1.0

If you find any issue or have any problem with Blue Reloaded 1.0 WordPress Theme then feel free to comment here or email me or use contact form.



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101 thoughts on “Blue Reloaded 1.0 Free WordPress Theme From Blogsdna Lab”

  1. Hi,

    I want to ad a button in the header can someone tell me how?

    this is the button

    I think I have to change the css and header.php but how and with what kind of code?

  2. Nice Theme, very nice, good work and thx for share. The incompatibility is probably a problem with different language files?! With the original english version of WP this Theme works fine and if i use german mo files the following error was displayed:

    Project-Id-Version: WordPress 2.6.1 (de_DE) Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: POT-Creation-Date: 2008-08-15 15:48 0100 PO-Revision-Date: 2008-08-15 16:02 0100 Last-Translator: Robert Pfotenhauer Language-Team: Robert Pfotenhauer MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1; X-Poedit-Language: German X-Poedit-Country: GERMANY X-Poedit-SourceCharset: utf-8 X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e;__ngettext:1,2;_c;__ngettext_noop X-Poedit-Basepath: ../../../../WordPress 2.6.1 X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: .

    Is there a chance for a fix next time?

  3. It is exactly what is happening, I use the Wp in another language, and this is the error that appears in the header

  4. I do not know how far it is possible to post code here, but try the following change in row 18 of header.php.



    The problem is “. __(”).”), here is something to be translated, what does not exist, for this reason causing other language files an error.

    I hope the code will be displayed properly, this change works without problems with German mo files.

  5. Sorry for the double post. Unfortunately, it is not possible here to post code. If interested, send me @ EDU an email to ejunki3 [äth]

  6. Just what I was looking for, three columns with one sidebar on each side. The problem I am having is all content of each post shows up fine until I click on the category link for the post. In the categories only the text of each post shows up, no youtube video or html links. Still trying to figure out what is going wrong. Worked fine in previous theme.


  7. @Harro,
    Yes you need to modify header.php to add any image/html/code in your header. let me know what sort of modification you need so that i can guide you in that direction.

    @EDU and OTTI,
    OTTI thanks for pointing theme bug, indeed its wp_list_page function input issue where extra space is inserted causing header issue

    I am going to fix this bug and update it on wordpress theme directory as well as will update this post.

    You won’t see images/ full post when you browse category because Cognoblue theme is coded to display just excerpt. You can easily make it to display whole post and images just by deleting or renaming archive.php file present in Cognoblue theme folder.

  8. @Sandip

    I want to add a normal size banner in the header but wathever I do it is not going to work.
    It would be nice if you point me in the right direction


  9. First thing, great theme, thank you again for it. Next a bit off topic I realize but can you tell me how to use the latest post and popular post block in the sidebar to pull the posts from a plugin I use called the simple forum plugin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. =)

  10. I’m new to WordPress and want to thank you guys in advance. I just left Blogger for the WordPress big league. After three days I finally figured out to install WordPress and now I’ve found this awesome theme. My problem is I would like to strip it clean. I want to remove the following items from the theme if it’s possible…

    popular post
    latest post
    subscribe to feeds
    search for
    what we’re reading

    If anyone can help me with these issues I would greatly appreciate it.
    New WordPress guy,

  11. @ Mike
    See these two files, sidebar_l.php & sidebar_r.php
    Remove what you don’t want and you will have two empty or shorter sidebars.

    @ Dave
    Just a guess, but looks to me that you would want to change code in the sidebar files by replacing a snippet of code with code from the plugin. Sorry I can’t paste in any code examples here.

    The sidebar.php file seems to be irrelavent as it looks like a left over from an earlier theme.

    By looking at sidebar_l.php & sidebar_r.php you will see that items like latest post are already there so you do not need to use sidebar widgets to show those things.

    Hope this helps.
    WordPress rookie here, still tweaking this theme.
    Happy Trails . . .

  12. I have the template also adapted a little bit and use it for a whole new blog. A gallery with various examples which demonstrate the possibilities would be a fine thing.

  13. @ David Pilditch
    Boy, that’s a good question.
    Everything in the left sidebar of my blog is hard coded into the sidebar_l.php file and everything in the right sidebar is a widget. Not sure if the sidebar file controls what the widget displays or if it is the widget itself, but I would dare to guess that it is the widget considering what the sidebar files look like although they could be controlled by another file of this theme.

    Looks to me like OTTI “see above comment” has figured out how to turn the numbers into small images on his blog but I believe he is using the sidebar files and not any widgets. He also figured out how to add the number of articles count to the archives section, something I have been trying to figure out.

    Still learning & tweaking
    Happy Trails . . .

  14. @OTTI

    I was thinking that you might have done that in the CSS file when doing my last comment.
    Not using widgets for the archives though, just the sidebar_l.php file.


  15. Great theme! I want to add my logo to the can I do that?Am new to all if you can make it an easy lesson, it would be appreciated! thanks

  16. I love this theme – I have been modding it to have an Autumn feel and all that’s left is to add a background image…

    I’m not new to CSS, I am pretty good at modifying PHP (though not at writing it) but I’m having issue with getting the background image to show up… I’ve tried every variation using single quotes, no quaotes, double quotes and nothing…

    I saw the person above modded the theme and added a BG image and he says he put it in the body section of the CSS which is what I’m trying to do…

    Is there some PHP code forcing no background image?

    I tested the full URL to the image and it’s there (no spelling errors) – can anybody tell me what I’m missing?

    background:url(images/abstract_bg) no-repeat scroll top;

  17. Sorry for the double-post – I see I mistyped the background URL in the post… but not in the code – it’s actually:
    background:url(images/abstract_bg.jpg) no-repeat scroll top;

  18. Ok,
    For anyone who might have the same problem… I got it to work by taking out the background color but that doesn’t work if you don’t have a tileable image just cuts off and goes to white.

    I then had a problem with the image repeating though I said no-repeat…

    Here’s the code that works:
    background-image:url(images/abstract_bg.jpg) !important;
    background-repeat:no-repeat !important;

    I hope this helps someone who has the same problem… I couldn’t find this answer myself so I had to figure it out.

  19. Original body section at top of css file.

    color:#464646; /*#333;*/
    padding:0 0;
    font-family: verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    with 30×26 background image.

    color:#464646; /*#333;*/
    background:#666666 url(images/yfwbg2.gif) repeat;
    padding:0 0;
    font-family: verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    with 30×26 background image fixed, like on my blog.

    color:#464646; /*#333;*/
    background:#666666 url(images/yfwbg2.gif) repeat;background-attachment: fixed;
    padding:0 0;
    font-family: verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

    In other words, after uploading the image I wanted to use, I added this,
    url(images/yfwbg2.gif) repeat;background-attachment: fixed;

    Happy Trails . . .

  20. GLENDA:
    The header image is in the themes folder under /images/
    Simply take that into Photoshop or Gimp or whatever and change it as much as you like.
    Here’s a hint: The header can be as tall as you want if you change the #header height attribute… I made mine 180px tall.
    I also removed the text in the title and sub title in the WordPress dashboard so it would not interfere with the banner.

  21. Love the theme, but one hurdle I can’t seem to get over: the comments function hasn’t worked. When you click on comments, you are taken to a single page presentation of the post, but no comments are shown and there’s no way for a reader to post a comment. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  22. I want to give you one suggestion. Even though you say that this theme is widgetised, this is not completely correct. If you turn some widgets on, those default widgets will still appear. That is happening because you put if on wrong place. So on left sidebar you’ll need to put :

    on third line and

    before two last divs. Same applies to right sidebar.

    Also I want to ask you something about customization of theme. How could I make to posts content be wider than default 540px, if there is, for example, some picture that is wider and I want to show it whole, but that right sidebar moves to right also? This will, of course, make horizontal scroll bar in browser but that is not important to me. You can see what I want to achieve here.

    I tried by changing width:540px in entry to min-width:540px but then right sidebar is moved below. I’ll appreciate your help.

  23. It would seem that when my post count goes over 10, my main page throws the right sidebar all the way at the bottom of the page?

    Is there a fix for this? HELP!

  24. I am using CognoBlue theme which is great. BUT… i have just gone to insert a single page and page template field is altogether missing!

    I reset to default and it appeared, went back and it is still missing.

    Has anyone else had this problem, its a very popular theme so I am hopeful.


  25. Ive looked breifly and cant find a way to remove the numbering for every widget on the sidebars, does anyone know how… If i find it i will definately post it… Love the theme, the numbering is just my one gripe

  26. @ TICE, scroll down the style dot css file until you get to /* left sidebar ———-*/ Look just seven lines above that, remove the word, “decimal” but nothing else, best I can do, worked for me. ie: change this: list-style-type:decimal; to this: list-style-type:;

    Good Luck . . .

  27. The header is just a blank, white rectangle. I’m new to this but want to at least have the title of my blog in white letters on a blue background but don’t know how to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  28. @ TS
    Did you upload the images folder with the rest of your files?
    The header background image should be here, wp-content/themes/cognoblue/images/header-bg.gif I can’t find it or another small arrow image that should be at the bottom of your blog.

    I suggest that you change the theme directory name back to cognoblue from Cognoblue, this might even solve your current problem.

    Current error showing: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/content/w/g/n/wgnas/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/Cognoblue/index.php on line 1

    All lower case letters is the preferred method and I believe will save you from having problems in the future.

    Good Luck

  29. I cannot get the file permissions to change on this profile. I’ve gone in with my FTP program and allowed full rights, but the template is still not editable. Can someone help me out?

  30. If I understood you correctly, you want to edit files of theme through administration area of WordPress.

    For that thing you’ll need to give appropriate rights to every file you want to edit. And this is not related with theme you are using.

  31. @ NKK
    from above:
    You won’t see images/ full post when you browse category because Cognoblue theme is coded to display just excerpt. You can easily make it to display whole post and images just by deleting or renaming archive.php file present in Cognoblue theme folder.

  32. Thank Don,

    Change or rename achive.php didn’t work. But I changed coding in archive from “excerpt” to “content” and it worked.

  33. Thank Don,

    Change or rename achive.php didn’t work. But I changed coding in archive from “excerpt” to “content” and it worked.


  34. I like the theme. I’m a newbie and have a question regarding links in my posts. When I post, linked text is hard to see. It appears fine in preview of wordpress but after publishing, they are hard to see. I’m assuming this is easy to fix but am rather nervous about looking around. Any ideas as to which file to look into and what to change?

    Thanks for your help.


  35. Trying to change the hyperlink color in the post body. it is too close to the main text color. Where in the CSS code would that be (newbie here)? Would like it to be a brighter blue. Thanks, great template.

  36. @ TICE, scroll down the style dot css file until you get to /* left sidebar ———-*/ Look just seven lines above that, remove the word, “decimal” but nothing else, best I can do, worked for me. ie: change this: list-style-type:decimal; to this: list-style-type:;

    Good Luck . . .
    Written By Don


    Thx for pointing the way to remove numbering in sidebars.

  37. Hi..I need some help with 2 things..adding my logo to header and making some drop down menus to clean up my is too busy at top…am a newbie in html so I need something pretty easy to do it..thanks alot

  38. How do I make the big blue stripe with the blog name thinner? I’d like it to take up less space when the blog appears in the browser.

  39. @ Greg

    mod the style dot css file
    scroll down and look for,
    color: white

    change the height number

    Good Luck

  40. Just installed (very EZ I might add) your CognoBlue Theme. Selected this theme to deploy its AdSense capabilities (but) I’ve not been able to find out where/how to activate this feature/function to this new blog. Pointers appreciated.

    Also added the RSS feed to my Google reader in case this topic is picked up w/out my “nudge” in the near term.



  41. @ Vision

    You won’t see images/full post when you browse category because Cognoblue theme is coded to display just excerpt.

    Open achive.php and change coding in archive.php from “excerpt” to “content” and it will work.

    Happy Trails. . .

  42. I’d like to change the hyperlink color in the body of posts to a different color. It is too dark and difficult to distinguish between the text and a hyperlink. I’ve looked through the style css file but to no avail. Can you please tell me which item this is and where it’s located so I may change the color. Thanks for your help, it is greatly appreciated. Wonderful theme, by the way.

  43. @ Neil-JNFERREE

    Look at sidebar_l.php
    For sidebar_r.php you could use a text widget box and paste your adsense code in it.
    sidebar.php file is not used in this theme although it is included, look at it for ideas.

    Create a new sidebar box in left sidebar,

    left caret div class=”sidebar_box” right caret
    paste adsense code here
    left caret slash div right caret

    Paste your adsense code in it like a skyscraper style in there. I think that will work.

    Sorry can’t paste real code here in this comment box.

    Happy Trails. . .

  44. Hello,

    Thanks for the theme. Unfortunately I’ve the same problem as above when working with it in Spanish. I know you’ve dealt with this problem above but couldn’t read the changes to the code that the theme needs to work properly in other languages. The text mentioned above appears in sidebar_l. Could you please send my an email with the code?


  45. Sorry! I forgot to mention that the problem mentioned appears in the sidebar_l because I have the wp_list_pages in there.

  46. Hi,

    I love this theme, I tried it simultaneously with another theme on another blog, and decided to use this for all my blogs. I need a little help with the header though…

    What code would I use to add columns to the header in the Cogno Blue theme? By reading comments above I figured out where to edit it, but don’t know the code to use. I would like to have it appear almost the same as having two sidebar boxes in the header – preferably the same width as the sidebars in the main content.

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

  47. For anybody who’s trying to change the spelling error “Previose” in the theme – it’s in the Single Post php file just CNTRL + F (CMND + F for mac users) and type in the Previose in the Find field – you can then change the spelling to Previous – just an FYI for anybody unsure how to change it.

    Love the theme

    After many tries I think I figured it out.
    I’ll try to make this as informative and step-by-step as possible so you can get the answer ASAP.


    FTP your image to your images folder in your Cognoblue Theme.
    The image folder should be here:
    When we change the picture in the header we are changing the Style of the Cognoblue theme.
    Route to:

    In the right hand column you will see a number of Theme Files. I see two major types: Templates and Styles.

    At the bottom of the right hand column you should see:

    Stylesheet (style.css)
    Click on: Stylesheet (style.css)

    The editing window (I don’t know if it’s called the “editing window” but that’s what I call it) in the middle of the page will now show the php for the file: style.css.
    Above the editing window you will now see Stylesheet (sheet.css)
    Click anywhere in that window and select all the text, copy the text, then open your notepad and paste that text into your notepad. You can keep it there “as is” so if you screw up you can reverse this and it will revert back to what it was before you started this process.

    Click again in the editing window and press Ctrl+F. This should open your “look for” function in your browser. Type in: header-bg.gif and click enter.
    This should take you to that text string in the editor window.

    (header-bg.gif is the default blue banner at the top of the Cognoblue Theme that I wanted to change to another image.)

    That entire line should look like this:

    You will replace everything between the parenthesis “( )”with the COMPLETE URL OF YOUR IMAGE FILE.
    For example…
    The image I want to use is in my: /wp-content/themes/cognoblue.1.0/cognoblue/images folder
    The image I want to use is called: 12.jpg
    Therefore the complete URL for this image is:

    Replace: images/header-bg.gif

    Now the line in my style.css now looks like this:

    Click on Update File

    Check your page.

    That should do it.

    I had to edit my image several times to make it appear this way. And it’s my first go at image editing so if you think it’s fuzzy… well… “it is what it is” as they say but what it isn’t is a blue box anymore.

    Hope this works for you.

  49. Great theme, very customizable. Does anyone know if there is a way to make one page link a different color or boldness different from the rest?

  50. Sorry to put this question on this post but the “contact” form was not working. What happened to the Xeiro Professional WordPress Theme? Can I still download it?


  51. Hi;
    I like the Cogno Blue theme very much and have used it on three of my blogs. I have one challenge. I like to make my opening page a static page, or home page. The title of that page is built for SEO. What do I edit in the header to eliminate the “HOME” page form showing up and make my title page become the “home” page

  52. 1. explorer in the browser to the right column is centered, how to fix?

    2. I would put a banner (also above 728 x90), how?


  53. Don, the main page of my blog using Cognoblue looks fine, but when I visit a permanent link, it’s stripped of the template. All I have is text.

    What did I do wrong?

  54. Question about footer content creeping to the right sidebar.
    From the right sidebar, I commented out the Subscribe to Feeds and What We’re Reading sections.
    Now viewable footer info. in the theme has moved to the right sidebar. Not sure how that happened, as footer.php hasn’t changed.

    Anyone know how this could happen?

  55. Hi Sandip, Your Cognoblue theme is superb and I love it. However I’m having trouble with the comment section. The main problem is that when a comment is submitted, the page formatting fails in Firefox. I had a similar problem with Safari except in that case, the right sidebar dropped below the main page but I fixed this.

    I also had a problem with the comment text area being too wide. Changing the values in the CSS file had no effect so I modified it by replacing:

    #addcomment textarea {width:470px; font:verdana,Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif; font-size:14px; margin-top:5px; margin-bottom:5px; height:190px; padding:5px;}


    textarea#comment{width: 100%; font:verdana,Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif; font-size:14px; margin-top:5px; margin-bottom:5px; height:100px;}

    This works perfectly but I still have the problem with Firefox so any ideas on fixing it would be appreciated.

  56. @ Tom

    After looking at the original right sidebar file I can only conclude that you made some kind of error in “commenting out” Subscribe to Feeds and What We’re Reading sections.

    I did not do in “commenting out” on this file.
    Just remove everything from, “” to “” for each section to remove them completely.

    Leave one empty line between the remaining sections of code.

    Hope this helps,

    Happy Trails. . . . .

  57. @ Tom

    Sorry, tried to put code there for you, can’t do that here.

    Just remove everything from, “left caret div class equals sidebar_box right caret” to “left caret backslash div right caret” for each section to remove them completely.


  58. Hello,
    I’m trying to contact the developer but the contact form isn’t working and I don’t have an email address.

    Here is the email I am trying to send:


    I have a question and would appreciate your feed- back. I want to install google analytics code in your cognoblue theme. The code below is taken from your cognoblue theme.

    My question is where do I put the code?

    Put the code in like this:

    OR do I highlight all of this and paste the code over the highlighted area?

    What’s causing my confusion is that it’s always been my understanding that the tracking code is alwasy placed just before the as follows:(analytics code tag)but in cognoblue it’s telling me to put the code here
    So, does it go between the — here –/ OR do I delete
    and place the code over the area I just deleted?


  59. Hi there wanted to find out how you would add a podcast link for this theme and add images to the the title heading part of the theme of my blog?

    Thanks, Richard

  60. Terry Gronenthal

    I have wordpress installed in my root directory.

    I am using cognoblue.

    I like the theme but it has taken over my site.

    Is there a way I can add pages to my site that are not subject to the cognoblue theme?
    vacation dash rental dash info dot com

  61. Hi!

    Your cogno blue theme is no longer available for download on and your download redirects to

    Is there anyway to download this theme? Is it still available?

    I already have the theme, so am I allowed to give it away free to others?

    The real beauty of this theme is ths simple way the tables are defined in the side bars so it is easy to move them, add in your own ads or an optin list form

    please let me know on this

    thank you, Scott Casey

  62. Hi i lost the top image when i tried to install a new image. I found it to be impossible btw. How can i get my top image back? And if you could tell me how to install another image it would be nice too. thanks.

  63. “Your cogno blue theme is no longer available for download on and your download redirects to

    Is there anyway to download this theme? Is it still available?”

    Can a copy be emailed to me. Thanks Ken

  64. Suckerfish pull down menu cannot expands beyond left sidebar table? Any one got idea on how to overcome this problem.

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