Apple iPad vs Notion Ink Adam vs Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Blackberry Playbook – Tablets Comparison Chart

The world has seen many new gadgets in year 2010 in which tablet turned out to be hot category for tech companies. After Apple launched its revolutionary tablet, iPad every other company including Samsung and Blackberry jumped to capture tablet market.

We already have Apple iPad & Samsung Galaxy Tab hot selling tablets & we are sure year 2011 will be year of tablets where Blackberry Playbook & Notion Ink Adam will be launching in first quarter of 2011. If you are planning to buy a tablet then here is specs comparison chart of Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab & most awaited Notion Ink Adam & Blackberry Playbook.

We are sure this chart will help you in deciding what you may expect from market & which tablet you will be owning in near future.

Apple iPad Vs. Notion Ink Adam Vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs. Blackberry Playbook

Tablets Comparison(Click on image to enlarge)

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7 thoughts on “Apple iPad vs Notion Ink Adam vs Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Blackberry Playbook – Tablets Comparison Chart”

  1. This comparison chart was made with keeping all the countries in mind. The price details were only available for Samsung Galaxy Tab as iPad is not available worldwide. The Notion Ink Adam and BlackBerry Playbook are yet to be released. A quick Google search would solve the problem anyways.

  2. Ultimately the customers will be the judges. At this point iPad seem to fend off the most successful challenger, Samsung Galaxy Tab, when it comes to their respective customer satisfaction levels. Your readers may be interested in our ongoing analysis of Samsung Galaxy Tablet customer’ reviews. We also compared their ratings to those of iPad
    We specialize in automated aggregation and analysis of customer reviews posted online, mining their opinions and quantifying qualitative information found there.

  3. You are undermining Adam’ features by listing its features wrong(Flash supprt -Yes, Micro SD Support and not SD) and missing really good features like Micro USB slot, HDMi , swivel camera, 1GBRAM are few…refer for tech specs. Apart from not being marketed well, Adam beats Ipad in innovation and usability.

  4. This also just mentions what a device ships with. Which are going to receive constant upgrade support? Ipad and Adam are. Adam will have access to genesis and the android market once it opens it up to tablets (available on Adam once upgraded to honeycomb). Adam not just a camera but swivel camera. Micro SD up to 128GB and USB 128GB on Adam, replaceable battery on adam (nothing else has this), Also customizable colors for housing in future. Please do accurate research when making stuff like this…

  5. also just found out Xoom comes with Guillaume glass soon. Also Adam has PixQi option, Adam can be switched to false digitizer mode that allows it to be a keyboard and mouse for a PC (maybe Cell Phone), Adam outputs in 1080P aswell… So much not being said here about many of these devices…

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