Completely Hide All Running Yahoo Messenger Window with Yahoo Hider

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Yahoo Messenger is used by millions of users all around the word, only reason for this could be features provided by Yahoo Messenger and big Messenger plugin gallery. You can spend hours chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger. Well using Yahoo Messenger at job, school or collage is not advisable.

Since if your boss or any else catch you while you are chatting on Yahoo Messenger may create trouble for you. Also you do not want some one else or stranger looking over your shoulder while you were typing in a messenger window. Here is small Freeware utility to save you from such situation, Yahoo Messenger Hider 1.2.1 which lets you to hide your all Yahoo Messenger windows so that no one can find that you were chatting.

Features of Yahoo Messenger Hider 1.2.1

1. Support for Yahoo Messenger

2. Support for Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Beta

3. Option for hiding All Yahoo Messenger Windows, or just Tray Icon

4. Multiple Key Combination to instantly hide Running Yahoo Messenger

Screenshots of Yahoo Hider 1.2.1

Yahoo Hider 1.2.0

Download Freeware Yahoo Hider 1.2.1.

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