5 Web Based Alternatives to Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerpointSlide presentations are de-facto for any business nowadays. Apart from usage in big business firms presentations are also common for clients, customers and colleges.

For years, creating slide presentations has been synonymous with Microsoft Powerpoint so goes the common term “Powerpoint presentation”. The application is integrated with every iteration of the Microsoft Office and has enough features to do wonders for type of presentation you wish to prepare. But now since alternative for every application moving into Cloud, many alternatives for Microsoft Powerpoint have also emerged and you must try some of them. Using an application based in the Cloud has advantage of keeping your data secure, even if you accidentally delete it offline. These alternates provides nearly the same functionality to MS Powerpoint, some features added or deleted here and there.

  1. Prezi

    Prezi breaks apart the traditional side approach to presentations and provide you with a giant whiteboard, which contains your entire presentation. Instead of reviewing your presentation slide-by-slide, you can zoom in and out of specific parts of your presentation, which creates a more appealing navigation.

  2. SlideRocket

    SlideRocket is a collaborative application with matching nice UI of MS Powerpoint. The slides you make through it can be commented and polls on them can be answered in real time. It has also integration with services like Flickr and Google Docs to easily pull the live data.

  3. 280 Slides

    280 Slides is one web app which feels like being used from desktop and has one of the best UI available for such an app. This app is less about collaborating on presentations and more about sharing it with others. It lets you import and export documents, to and fro from Powerpoint and this is a free app.

  4. Zoho Show

    The very popular Indian startup Zoho also has a presentation app in the form of Zoho Show. Apart from integrating the usual features like others it also offers live audio chat with presentees. It lets you import presentations from MS Powerpoint and OpenOffice but not the other way round.

  5. Google Docs Presentation

    Google docs Presentation seems like a simplified clone of MS Powerpoint but because of its tight integration with other Google services, is a right choice. It supports all the basic features of MS Powerpoint but lacks the full screen view feature. On launching it full screen, it launches a new browser windows without buttons and toolbars.

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