Enjoy Windows 7 Desktop Slideshow Like Feature in Vista and XP

Windows 7 Desktop Slideshow

Windows 7 has got pretty good features like Desktop Slideshow and PC Safeguard which we have already posted on this blog. A Desktop Slideshow is a feature which will change your desktop wallpaper at regular interval specified by you.

You can get windows 7 Desktop Slideshow like feature on your Windows Vista and XP using freeware Wallche 1.0. Wallche lets you to change your desktop wallpaper at regulator which will emulate Windows 7 desktop slideshow like feature.

Wallche 1.0 lets you to specify set of wallpapers to be used and interval time manually/sequential or random order. Wallche supports wallpapers in .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png. formate also you can specify the position of wallpaper e.g center/tile/stretch.

Screenshot of Wallche 1.0 Desktop Wallpaper Changer

Wallche 1.0 Main Desktop Slideshow

Download Freeware Wallche 1.0 and enjoy windows 7 Desktop Slideshow features on your Vista and XP.

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7 thoughts on “Enjoy Windows 7 Desktop Slideshow Like Feature in Vista and XP”

  1. I am using this on Vista home premium x64. The program runs and allows me to load all the images I want, but the timer doesn’t count down and I have to manually select ‘Next’ to change the desktop.

  2. Didn’t work for me, I’m running XP SP2 and the image wouldn’t change at the 1 minute interval. I loaded it with 356 images set at 1 minute intervals, but I’ll give it another shot with fewer images.

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