Download vlc4iphone 1.6.0 VLC Player for iPhone and iPod Touch


Video LAN Player widely known as VLC player is one of best Desktop Media player. VLC player is available for all Windows as well as MAC operating system. The popularity of VLC player has encouraged the VLC developers to make it available for Smartphone like iPhone and iPod touch.

Today vlc4iphone has released vlc4iphone v1.6.0 publicly for iPhone and ipod touch users. vlc4iphone provides some great features like ability to stream video (such as TV) and audio content from a PC to the iPhone. It even has a  ShoutCast internet radio browser & player.

In order to use vlc4iphohe 1.6.0 you need to have jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch. vlc4iphone 1.6.0 release has several bug fixes. Because of performance reason if you need to view any video then do run on 320×240 resolution if possible.


Download vlc4iphone 1.6.0 Video Lan Player (VLC) for iPhone and iPod Touch.


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