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Site to Phone

For web enthusiasts there is nothing more enjoyable than surfing web and bookmarking interesting pages on the fly. With increasing number of bookmarking websites  out there you can save pages for later read. What if you want to access all those saved pages on the go from your mobile devices. Of course there are apps like Instapaper and few other browser extensions that can do this for you. But all these apps require your email IDs and are only available for selected mobile platforms. Here is a service that doesn’t require any personal details on sign up.

Site to Phone is service that offers browser extensions that can send any link or text from web browser to all phones. The supported mobile platforms include iOS devices, Android, WebOS, Blackberry 6 and Windows Phone 7. The Site to Phone browser add-ons are available for Google Chrome, IE now. Though extensions for Firefox, Safari and Opera are coming soon you can use their bookmarklet tool available now. With all these browser add-ons practically any links including YouTube, Map links etc can be send directly to phones.

After installing Site to Phone extension or bookmarklet on your browser you need to add Site to Phone icon to your phones home screen. Now you will be able to send a link or text to your phone. All links sent can be viewed and opened on your phone now.

Site to Phone Chrome

With Site to Phone for Chrome your right click menu gets an added feature. You can send any web page, link or image via right clicking by selecting that. Even if your computer houses multiple installs of Chrome all the settings gets synced making configuration easy. Items sent to mobile phones can also saved in history.

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