Quickly Unlock & Enable New Aero Shake Taskbar in Windows 7

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Windows 7 has started getting attention from the users after Microsoft announcement about windows 7 at PDC 2008 event. Followed by leaked version of Windows 7 Pre Beta 6801 torrents has swamped windows 7 download. However once you install windows 7 you will come across several new things for example Activation or product key for windows 7 as well as Several Locked features including new Taskbar.

Primary reason of keeping New Aero Shake Taskbar in windows 7 is, it is still incomplete and not fully stable. However we have the way to enable or say unlock this new Taskbar of windows 7 discovered by WithinWindow.

Steps to Unlock / Enable New Aero Shake Taskbar in Windows 7

1. Download a copy of the Taskbar Unlock Tool for 32Bit or 64Bit and drop it in your Windows directory

2. Execute the following commands as an Administrator in Command Prompt

3. takeown /f %windir%\explorer.exe

4. cacls %windir%\explorer.exe /E /G MyUserName:F (replacing MyUserName with your username)

5. taskkill /im explorer.exe /f

6. cd %windir%

7. start unlockProtectedFeatures.exe

Screenshot of New Aero Shake Taskbar in Windows 7

Aero Shake Taskbar in Windows 7

Now just re-launch the shell by clicking the Launch button to enjoy New Taskbar.

Please keep in mind that unlocking New Taskbar of windows 7 might not be suggested as it is still broken feature & you may face bugs and problems when using Aero Peek and Jumplists.

Source: Sizlopedia

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