Sync Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar Using Google Calendar Sync

Until today we have covered variety of tools to sync two different services like, Google Outlook Contact to sync Google & Outlook Contacts Sync, Office Outlook Connector to Sync Outlook with Windows Live , Go Contact Sync to sync Google Contacts with Outlook Contacts.

Now here is Google Calendar Sync, a very useful & easy to use application designed to enable you to sync events between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010Calendar.

This program will help you determine the direction of information flow, as well as the sync frequency. You can monitor events from both your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar in an easy manner.

Google Calendar Sync offers three types of Sync Options between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Two way Sync, one way sync – Google Calender to Outlook & One way sync – Outlook Calender to Google Calender.

Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync

Download Google Calendar Sync.

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2 thoughts on “Sync Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar Using Google Calendar Sync”

  1. be careful there is a bug in google calendar and when it says do you want to delete appointments, your time with this sync is up do not delete or you will lose many things

    I have tried reinstalling sync but it still wants to delete 1500 entries.

    good luck it worked for about 2 years then…

  2. Unfortunately Google calendar sync only works with 32-bit Outlook. Google don’t seem interested in bringing out a 64-bit version, and therefore I am switching over to Microsoft’s calendar sync (I’ve just purchased Office 2010 64-bit). Goodbye Google. Nice while it lasted.

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