Fix Slow Windows 7 Startup Due to Solid Color Desktop Background

You might surprise like us if we say setting a particular type of desktop background could slow down Windows 7 startup performance. Yes, the information comes from the latest knowledge base article provided by Microsoft.

It seems setting solid color desktop background could slows down Windows 7 welcome screen by about 30 second, which isn’t really big delay but it could be frustrating & feels like several minutes when you are seating in front of your computer and waiting for it to start.

If you are one of those user facing slow Windows 7 startup then here is good news for you, Microsoft has provided hotfix to fix above issue and will also be offering fix under Windows 7 Service Pack 1 which is all set to release in first half of 2011.

You may also perform following workarounds to manually fix the problem.

Method 1 – Set an image file that has solid color as the desktop background.

Method 2 – Configure the value of the DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout registry entry. This value determines the time-out interval of a session before Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 switches between sessions.

To configure the value of the DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout registry entry, follow these steps:

Click StartCollapse this imageExpand this image, type regedit in the Search programs and files box, and then press ENTER.

Locate the following registry subkey:


Double-click the DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout registry entry. In the Value data box, type 5, and then click OK. On the File menu, click Exit (via softpedia)

Download Hotfix to fix Slow Windows 7 Startup issue.

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5 thoughts on “Fix Slow Windows 7 Startup Due to Solid Color Desktop Background”

  1. pc starting slow or speed up pc
    Clean Windows Registry :

    Defragment your PC to increase computer speed:

    Add more RAM to Speed up your computer

    Clear Cache, history and temporary internet files

    Turn off unnecessary programs from start up:

    Have low intensity graphics

    Uninstall unused software and programs
    Please remember to clean Windows registry using registry cleaner reg in out
    The above guidelines were really helpful to speed up my computer. These are safe and do impact computer performance in a positive way.

  2. My Windows 7 Profession does NOT have the DelayedDesktopSwitchTimeout registry entry #FAIL.

    Downloading the hotfix is not permitted since I get an error message hotfix already installed. #FAIL

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