Instantly Add Programs & Applications to UAC Whitelist with UAC Trust Shortcut

Windows 7 & Vista UAC (User Acount Control) has been designed to protect users from malicious programs and applications from unauthorized modification or execution. However UAC has turned more annoying feature then actually helping resulting in majority of users turning off UAC.

But if you feel insecure in disabling Windows UAC then here is simple tool UAC Trust Shortcut which will let you to get rid of annoying alerts without turning of UAC. UAC Trust Shortcut lets you to add applications and programs in to UAC whitelist list setting effectively disable UAC alerts & notifications for selected applications.

UAC Trust Shortcut

UAC Trust Shortcut

Download UAC Trust Shortcut for 32-bit Windows 7 & Vista.

Download UAC Trust Shortcut for 64-bit Windows 7 & Vista.

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2 thoughts on “Instantly Add Programs & Applications to UAC Whitelist with UAC Trust Shortcut”

  1. I wish it mentioned a UAC prompt is required for a service start on every reboot, making it worthless as a UAC bypasser for me.

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