iPhone/iPod Touch Voice Commands/Controls You May Not Know

While the iPhone and iPod Touch doesn’t have a ton of voice commands, there are many that people are unaware of or can never seem to get right. Luckily, ATMac has come to the rescue and compiled a complete cheat sheet of iPhone and iPod Touch voice controls for easy reference.

There may even be a few in there that you didn’t know about. The list is posted below, but you can also swing over to ATMac and grab the cheat sheet in PDF or Pages ’08 format and check out the full guide to voice commands on iDevices.

iPhone Voice Control Cheat Sheet v2.0

Starting Voice Control

Hold home button or headset middle button for about 2 seconds, you?ll hear a double beep and the voice control feature shows on screen.

Phone Commands

“Call”/“dial” plus name or nickname from address book. May need to add phone number type, such as “home”, “work”, “mobile”. “Call John Smith Mobile”. “Call”/“Dial” plus the number. “Dial 555 9592”.

Music Commands

“Play”/“Play music”.

“Play playlist” plus playlist name.

“Play playlist gym songs”.

“Play album” plus album name.

“Play album The Wall”.

Play artist” plus artist name. “Play artist Pink Floyd”.

“Pause”/“Pause music”.

“Next song”.

“Previous song”.


“Genius”/“Play more like this”/“Play more songs like this”.

“What?s playing?” (general information)

“What song is this”,“Who sings this song”, or “Who is this song by” (specific information).

Misc Commands

“What is the time?”/”What time is it?”

“Not that one”/“Wrong”/“Nope”/“No”/“Not that”.

“Cancel”/”Stop” (exit voice control) “Help”

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5 thoughts on “iPhone/iPod Touch Voice Commands/Controls You May Not Know”

  1. There’s so much capability for there to be more voice commands AND for the software to better identify sounds and syllables. I have no accent, speak in a clear voice, and tell the iPod Touch to “shut up” sometimes when I get aggravated with the voice controls. The iPod only hears “Shu” and then turns shuffle on. As for more voice commands, you could start an App or even use commands within Apps (I guess it would take the App’s programmer to allow this – if capable).

  2. Not only do these work, but it’s possible in different languages! I just did it in English and German! such as:
    “Spiel Tracks von” then you add the artist/band’s name.
    “Spiel Album” then add the album name
    “Spiel Wiedergabe” then add the name of the desired playlist
    “Nächsten Song” (next song)
    Try Google Translate for the others, and other languages, it’s pretty sweet.

  3. I don’t know anything about Voice Control and don’t know why it’s coming on my screen. How to disable? Thank you.

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