Test iPhone 4’s FaceTime Video Calling with Apple’s 1-888-FACETIME Line

If you just got your hands on the new iPhone 4 and have no friends with the device, you can still try out the new FaceTime video calling feature with Apple employees by calling 1-888-FACETIME.

Apple has set up the line specifically for those that do not have any other option to try out the FaceTime video calling feature, which as of right now requires Wi-Fi and of course another user/friend with an iPhone 4. Apple employees will be taking calls from 8AM-8PM CDT and will give users a chance to learn about the features of FaceTime from the Apple Employee on the other end.

Apple has noted that they are making the FaceTime technology an open standard for other device manufacturers to adopt, which will eventually make video calling more efficient for users that don’t have a bunch of friends with iPhone 4s.

[via Gizmodo]

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3 thoughts on “Test iPhone 4’s FaceTime Video Calling with Apple’s 1-888-FACETIME Line”

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