How to Update iPod Touch to 4.0 Firmware for Free

Update iPod Touch

iPhone OS 4.0 is all set to release at WWDC 2010, which will be third major OS update for iPhone & iPod Touch. iPhone OS 4.0 has many news features but some of most interesting features like multitasking won’t be available on iPod Touch 1G/2G & 3G & iPhone 3G and needless to say iPhone 2G is dead and won’t be supported for OS 4.0 officially.

If Apple decides to go like OS 3.0 release then iPhone OS 4.0 update won’t be free for iPod Touch users. In order to update iPod Touch to iPhone OS 3.0 firmware you had to pay $9.95 and $4.95 for iPhone 3.1 OS update. Well we know that’s pretty unfair with iPod Touch users & so only we are here with the guide on how to update iPod Touch to 4.0 firmware for free without paying a single penny.

The guide is similar to our previous guides on How to Update iPod Touch to 3.0 & 3.1 OS for free.

How to Upgrade/Update iPod Touch to 4.0 OS for free

1. Download & Install Latest iTunes.

2. Download iPhone OS 4.0 using below links (Don’t use Safari or IE instead use Firefox to download firmware file. Use “Save As Link” Option to save the file on your machine. If saved file extension is .zip then change it to .ipsw).

Download iPhone OS 4.0 for iPod Touch 1G. (Coming Soon)

Download iPhone OS 4.0 for iPod Touch 2G. (Coming Soon)

Download iPhone OS 4.0 for iPod Touch 3G. (Coming Soon)

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3. Connect iPod Touch to PC/Mac & Start iTunes.

4. Select iPod Touch from the device list.

5. Click on Restore while holding Shift (for PC) and Option (for Mac).

6. Now browse & locate 4.0 firmware (.ipsw) file downloaded in Step 2.

7. Do not disconnect till iTunes has completed updating your iPod Touch.

That’s it, Now enjoy your iPod Touch with 4.0 Firmware.



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19 thoughts on “How to Update iPod Touch to 4.0 Firmware for Free”

  1. Do you have to upload the 3.0 / 3.1 software before the 4.0? (We have an Ipod touch 2.2.1) Thanx

  2. Sorry but it will doesn’t work..The iPod Touch Will stay at iTunes Logo and iTunes will not activate it because your not Devellopper

  3. The Latest iTunes is a 90 day free trial, so after 90 days does it have to be purchased?

    So the upgrade is free for 90 days? What happens after 90 days?

  4. Thank you stumbleupon,
    it got me to this website:

    and its got all the restore files for most ipods, all iphones, and all ipads (well theres not many for them lol)
    i followed the instructions and now im at 4.0 :)
    Thanks again stumbleupon and good luck all

  5. Oh one thing to add, make sure everything on your itouch is backed up in itunes because this method deletes everything on the ipod and installs the new software, then its as easy as dragging and dropping

  6. heres an easy way to do it it worked within an hour ( with itunes already downloaded )

    1. click the download now button.

    2. run…wait until its done downloading

    3. Once youve downloaded itunes plug your ipod touch in and click restore, this way when your ipod is restoring its upgrading it as well. Because of the itunes you’ve downloaded.

    4. Once its done restoring,your ipod screen should look like the image shown on itunes when you plus your ipod in.

    5. Now you are able to get almost all the apps, in app store. You also have better mail,bluetooth,voice memo, and able to receive messages during sleep mode!

  7. I tried to update my ipod touch 2G that has 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 and it goes through the process but at the end it says verifying with Apple and then returns an error that I am not eligible for this update. Any idea why this is happening and how to work around?

  8. haha how do u backup everything like people are saying to nothing gets deleted and stuff? not a very techy person

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