ADW Launcher Now Available on Android Market, No Root Needed!

I’m sure some of you have heard of or even used the ADW Launcher for sometime now.  Until recently AnderWeb’s ADW Launcher only worked on rooted Android devices, particularly the G1 and myTouch 3G.  Many developers and themers have used this great home replacement app on custom roms and theme packages, that have been floating around the Android community.  Basically anyone with  rooted phone could install the launcher, and instantly bring new life to their phone.  ADW launcher homescreen

The ADW Launcher is a 3rd party opensource home replacement app, that is very customizable.  AnderWeb has incorporated some of the best features that you would find on certain high end devices.  And with this latest release, AnderWeb has included the new Froyo launcher look.  Some of the features include the Nexus One screen dots, the horizontal app drawer that is found on the Samsung Galaxy S, Sense UI homescreen previews, and a invisible “secret dock,” that gives you the option to add six more icons.  Some of the customizable options include the ability to change the number of homescreens, add any icon to the launcher dock, number of rows inside the app drawer, the ability to adjust the speed and zoom effect of the app drawer, and the option to hide the notification bar up top.  These are just some of the features and options available, there are a few more that you can play around with inside the ADW settings menu.

Performance of the ADW Launcher has improved greatly, some of the older versions that you can find on XDA were sometimes buggy and slow.  The most improved feature is the animated 3D Nexus One app drawer.  AnderWeb has made it very smooth and clean looking.  The ADW Launcher really brings a lot of functionality to your phone.  Like I said earlier, he included features that you might only find a certain device, and made them functional and available to all android phones.  The updated Froyo themed launcher is also a big plus.  You can add any icon you want to the Froyo launcher simply by dragging and dropping the icon on to the dock itself.  ADW homescreen preview feature

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Pretty cool, huh?  Well if you like what you’re hearing, the latest version of the ADW Launcher is available now, exclusively on the Android Market.  You don’t need to have a rooted phone or any other special app, just download and install.  The ADW Launcher is compatible will almost all Android phone that are running either Android 1.6 or Android 2.1.  Out of all the home replacement apps and launchers available, this might be the best one yet.  If you really want that new Froyo look, I suggest you give this one whirl!

Support thread on XDA and on Anderweb’s ADW blog

[via ADW Things]



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