25 Responses to How to Root Your Motorola Droid Running 2.1

  • sundawg says:

    Funny but those are the exact steps everyone is posting so I can’t agree that the author knows much about anything only how to copy and paste.

  • Nicholas Tarnowsky says:

    the whole community used and reported on the SAME SET of instructions http://androidcommunity.com/how-to-root-your-2-1-droid-20100404/ and http://www.gadgetsdna.com/how-to-root-motorola-droid-2-1-update/1814/ come on and read carefully i never copy anything word for word, its similar I agree, but you want the news this is how its reported on, only in this situation

  • Cystic says:

    i wouldn’t mind a credit for this since I was the one who originally posted this info months ago at http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-hacks/24795-how-root-2-1-a.html

  • Nicholas Tarnowsky says:

    ok i will add you as a source, but i would also look at the Android news community, and see if they gave credit, I dont normally have time to read forum posts for news, but some of my sources and contacts might, the original source of the story should have credited you properly yesterday, before uploading it to the blogosphere

  • mike says:

    This is not working for me.I am trying to go from 2.1 update 1 back to 2.0 I have never rooted phone and I hate the update my phone runs slow I don’t understand what it means to run dslite as administrator the directions confused me.cab anyone dumb it down for me or show an easier way to root a 2.1

  • NemOmeN says:

    I have gotten to the step to combine the files to create the update file, i saved it to a new folder on my desktop simply named DROID but it says it cannot find the files in command prompt… please help!

  • Rob says:

    Nicholas – two questions:

    After the device is brought down to 2.0.1, if no other steps are taken, will you be prompted to download the OTA 2.1 again as pushed by the Verizon? (Obviously I wouldn’t accept as the point here is to root, but just asking.)

    Second, is there a way to get a full image backup of the phone before doing the steps above? Things I’ve read indicate that to do a (Nandroid) backup you must be rooted first, but of course to root, you’ve got to do this procedure.


  • ricky says:

    Im getting the same thing everytime in the cmd prmt. “the system cannot find the file specified”.

  • Fezalex says:

    Does the 2.1 update.zip contain all of the features of the OTA 2.1 firmware from Verizon?
    I mean, does it have pinch zoom already incorporated or little things like that?
    Also, does the 2.1 update.zip contain any glitches that must be noted? Such as, keyboard light messing up, or loss of corner LED flash, or anything in particular?
    Over all, does the 2.1 update.zip look just like the OTA 2.1 firmware from verizon? except for the fact that one is rooted and the other one is not??

  • jason says:

    The link in step 3 Osborne longer working. I’ve tried multiple sites carrying this link and none work. How can I get it?

  • jason says:

    Correction, I meant “no longer” not Osbourne. Gotta love Droid quick spell.

  • david says:

    I have the Droid 2.1 firmware. None of the downloads were supported on my phone frm tht blogsdna to downgrade to 2.0.1version. Do u have any idea?

  • Joshua says:

    D/l link in step 3 not working, tried multiple links. Please provide working mirror.

  • justin says:

    Hey, I’m still lookin for step 3s file. I can’t find it anywhere. If anybody can help me find this so I can finally root my phone please email me at lewisj7877@gmail.com. thanks

  • Elementality says:

    download any rom you want, rename update.zip place on /sdcard
    1. flash the 2.0.1 sbf
    2. flash the SPRecovery sbf
    download here: http://bit.ly/ceoeiH
    3. hold x and power button to boot sprecovery.
    4. install update.zip

  • pastakare says:

    wew…complete tutorial, i will try on my android smartphone..thanks

  • steve says:

    I navel I have the droid x 2.2.1 version and this is from the store just recently. Im not so sure this will work for me but it would be great if it did.