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38 Responses to Seven Hidden Configuration Pages of Google Chrome Browser

  • there is an about:memory also ;-)

  • Agent79 says:

    Hmm Lets just add on to what firefox allready has and credit google for it, come on people

  • spacecoyote says:

    for those of us that keep many tabs open at once, having all of them run as a separate process quickly supersedes the memory usage of firefox. the crash protection of running the tabs in separate processes is negligible compared to running a crash manager that restores the lost tabs for you. the only thing i can say that i like so far is that the navigation bar is uncluttered, but i am sure as more and more plug-ins are developed for this platform that will change.

  • satts says:

    Believe me this page did not load in Chrome, had to hit refresh couple of times and yet it was broken.

  • Greg says:

    Just for fun, about:Crash is there as well. Not overly useful though.

  • Dagevos says:

    Don’t forget about:internets. Easter-egg!! :D

  • Chakotay says:

    Don’t forget about:internets :)

  • RobIII says:


    Easter egg: about:internets

  • Prashant says:

    Whoa, Chrome crashed :)
    Type following in chrome’s address bar: about: with % (percentage sign)


    and then “Whoa”.

    Thanks for some cool tricks about chrome. am searching for chrome plugins, is nyone knows from where i can get those.

  • John says:

    Try about:% and you will be pissed off lol…

  • DK says:

    Google Chrome is awesome! I didn’t realise it used portions of Safari and Apple Web Kit until I used that about: thing. But this page loaded fine!

    I did notice though that Chrome has issues using SSL via Proxy that requires authentication though…

  • Syahid A. says:

    Smart google. They take the best out of everything in one lightweight browser. Cool idea.

  • Orlsend says:

    Google Chrome is just a temp “Hype”, and people need to read the privacy statement, When you install it you “Agree” and Alow Google to use your crash report and other files they need to see whats the problem.

    This is done with out a warning. “Well you were warned in the installation”

    Above= 0 Privacy

  • Jaja says:

    Just uncheck the box in options if you dont want to send crash info….

  • rick says:

    lets talk about what this browser doesn’t have.

    Control over javascript and tabs don’t open in the foreground.

    Some users may like the novelty but I’ll stick with 2 secure browsers Firefox and Opera instead.

  • santhosh says:

    Those easter eggs r back with developers??

  • endre says:

    i have simple question!
    thank you!!!

  • tro says:

    without possibilities of installing the roboform toolbar, chrome is not an option :-) otherwise its so great…. so please add support for toolbars?

  • Victor says:

    Anyone can point to a command-line flag list for chrome?

    I know:

  • Andy Dean says:

    Is there any way to allow cookies with off-line html/javascript apps? Chrome is the only major browser that can’t, for example, allow saving or reading a language preference (EN, ES, IT, etc.) in a cookie when running from HTML files on local disk.

  • Sash says:

    At chrome

    This is betta but…. you know…

    Some of configs works, but not all… :(

  • Andy says:

    Sorry, I mean that Chrome does not allow cookies in HTML/Javascript applications running from local disk, although Chrome itself can save its configurations. Since downloadable applications that run offline often save their own configurations (e.g., language) in a cookie, they are crippled when running in Chrome. It would be possible to save a configuration string in Gears, but what overkill to accommodate a single browser!

  • Sdfljd says:

    what about about:about?

    gives you a nice list of About pages in chrome (8 beta)


  • Blatz says:

    the “about:network” and “about:status” don’t seem to be working for me…

  • Atul Khachane says:

    Awesome Dude

  • Ginapocan3 says:

     My Shock Wave keeps Crashing on it. My other browser don’t have the same crash. So I now know its about Google Chrome and looking for a solution.

  • Bangaioh says:

    The ‘about:’ doesn’t work any longer, at least for the Mac version of Chrome; however, you can still access the hidden pages, just replace ‘about:’ with ‘chrome://’.

    For example:


  • Albert says:

    Hi guys, try it chrome://chrome-urls/ ;-)

  • Charlie says:

    coolies! mine’s coolnovo (not google) and it works! (er, omit the ;-) it gives a list of the ones it accepts.

  • beckerist says:

    It is now chrome://about

  • Jeremiah Umbaugh says:

    This webpage is not available


  • Jeremiah Umbaugh says:

    ?Well, that didn’t work
    Try this
    Refresh the page
    Retype the URL