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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • any way to change the mediadirect boot screen instead of the regular one? (on an Inspiron 6400)

  • Nirmit

    Its not working on dell latitude e4200. It shows error “Bad filename” though i have checked everything twice. still not working. is there any other method?

  • Petrkr

    you can kindy add to “Tested” Latitude D820, it works…

    to Nirmit> did you set 16 colors Indexed BMP format ? Full RGB probably will not work…

    I just now figuring out how add that original progress bar or that “POST” messages as it is in original one…

  • panos

    Hi there,

    Browse in to your usb/cd and have a look at the files. i believe the correct syntax is spl2 abcdef.bmp as the executable is spl2.exe

  • It’s really cool.

  • B Haddon

    how do you ass more images?

  • quan


  • allen

    i HOPE you are trolling…….

  • Aranga Nathan

    can i use this for dell vostro 1014?

  • batmobil

    Sit on a Xerox

  • Esben Warashiro

    the download link is down …