7 Responses to WinMoSquare : Foursquare for windows mobile phones

  • Gordon says:

    Do you have a working link for d/l on Marketplace? it’s not showing in search and all links I’ve seen on Twitter give an error.



  • Binoy Xavier says:

    @Gordon The app was available and i was testing it from the Beta release.It was buggy and seems the app has been temporarily removed from marketplace.

  • Ian says:


    I have downloaded the app…. how do you set up a log in? wat email address is default

  • Robertjm says:

    I found a download of this application last week. Have to say I understand why they pulled it.

    Running on my Omnia i910, using WM 6.5, and it has some serious problems.

    More often then not it tells me I’m located in the Seattle metro area, rather than where I am (San Francisco Bay Area).

    It will crash 9 out of 10 times when either using the search function, or when selecting a location from the list of locations it offers up.

    While I appreciate their coming out with a WM application before Gowalla did, but it needs to get it fixed to work.

  • Moe_nickey says:


  • abby says:

    my question is why my check-ins does not appear on my facebook update?

  • Blaxz_man says:

    how to get free foursquare application for windows mobile 6.1