22 Responses to How to Connect Your iPod Touch To an Ad-hoc Wireless Network

  • Thank you for the tutorial and I have bookmarked this post .. Will try it soon :)

  • Good Day…

    It’s a nice information and it helps a lot. But it won’t work on my case. I wonder why what happen to this gadget and not like in my friends.
    Thanks anyway.

  • Quincy says:

    thanks alot friend i owe you one. been search 4eva for this one. THANK YOU

  • John says:

    Thank you very much for posting this, I tried it out on my XP machine, and have had some limited success – Enough to download the in-app items I wanted, which is awesome.

    Unfortunately, I run into the problem that, while I am almost always able to connect to my pc, I usually end up with a 169.x.x.x ip address, and cannot access the internet. Occasionally by renewing my lease on the iPod Touch, or seemingly by pure chance, I get a local network address, but have not been able to determine what causes it to go one way or the other. Does anyone out there have any idea why this might be happening?

  • Dave says:

    I have the same problem as the poster above…my ipod touch connected successfully and then i downloaded this app called Discover, i think it messed with my ipod configuration or i clicked something wrong on the network configuration, and now my ipod connects to the network but has a different ip address and can’t connect to the internet (starts with 169.X.x.x.). I can use the Remote app to control Itunes but i can’t for the life check my mail on the ipod, internet works fine on the pc. What happened here?

  • Bob H says:

    Thanks! I’ve been fighting this for several weeks on Windows 7 and iPod Touch. When I got my iPad I had same troubles. CCProxy got me going.

    I would be interested in just what networking issues the iDevices have when trying to do adhoc computer networks for ICS.

    Bob H

  • Nguyen BC says:

    You need one more step:
    Create the bridge connection:
    Select both network connection:
    then right click and choose bridge connection
    –> so you have bridge from adhoc network to LAN
    –> you will be connected to internet

  • Christopher says:

    For the life of me, nothing that I have tried works for creating an ad-hoc network that my ipod touch can access. I have downloaded the cc proxy, bridged connections, tried just about everything that all of the forums have stated. Every time I try to connect, the ipod shows that it is joining the network and it just sits on that screen forever. I see the wifi signal in the top corner, but the screen still says joining. Any ideas?

    I’ve successfully created ad-hoc networks between computers before, but this won’t seem to work.

  • Gery_sc says:

    This is trully amazing!!!
    I’ve been waiting and searching this way since long time ago but found nothing, until today I finally found this trick and amazingly it is working perfect on my iphone!!!
    I am using windows 7 home edition, ipod touch 2Gen, firmware 4.1 with the ccproxy server 6.64 and I successfully setup the network even in one go!
    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful trick!!


  • Jopher1212 says:

    im using windows 7 as well.if ur os is windows 7, dont download the cc proxy.. just follow the second step.tnx for the great info again..

  • trigger says:

    I have windows 7, you said dont downoad cc proxy? So if I dont need to download ccproxy, then how I am going to do step 2, which says in cc proxy server, go to options. How would I go to options if I dont download cc proxy? Please help


  • Me says:

    It worked!! Although, my internet is a data card, and when you go to select the sharing button, you need to select a home networking connection, and under dial up is my alltel wireless data card connection, and i had to click this and click properties and then sharing. But it worked!!!!!!


  • Henk says:

    Does. Not. Work.

  • Cromsy says:

    In order to do this you have to turn off the ICS on the main internet connection.

  • Ferm_ont says:

    Worked wonder !!

    I have been trying to get this to work for ages. I was missing that program u linked. No idea what it does, but it make it work so yeah… thx a lot

  • Vadaje says:

    How do you do that?

  • Mahapandit says:

    how to create that bridge…

    i have tried but found no way….

    plz help….

  • Mahapandit says:

    how to create that bridge…
    i have tried but found no way….

    plz help….

  • RP says:

    Hey man. I followed all your steps for the setup. But I get the message on my Ipod that says it is unable to join the network “xx”

  • Sri Charan N says:

    I am not getting the turn on internet connection sharing option. Please help me