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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • Sandeep, no program can change Windows 7 boot screen. So this program will not work with Windows 7.

  • I dont know about Sandeep but if this program works my friends are gonna go crazy watching my laptop boot!

  • rob

    intowindows learn to use your pc, you can easily change the windows 7 boot screen several different ways.

  • Matt t

    doesnt work with windows 7

  • Van Damme

    While installing this BootBMPChanger on Vista I get an error during installation. It says cannot copy C:\boot.ini to C:\oldboot.ini

    I guess that’s normal because in an old backup of my C drive I can’t find any C:\boot.ini file either.

    This is most confusing because we all know that fooling around with a boot.ini file is dangerous.

    Why didn’t you mention this would happen with Vista users installing this BootBMPChanger? There is no boot.ini file in the root of Vista’s C drive !!

  • Not working for me

  • Supercarz1993

    it is not possible as of yet to change Win7 BOOT SCREENS. you can however change the LOGIN SCREEN several different ways

  • Nemasys7

    you can change your bootup image/animation with the following tools:
    tried and works for me with Windows 7 Ultimate

  • Anurag14061996


  • Aroirocks

    dude u all are mad cmon u can easy change ur boot up screen by win 7 boot updater just google it morons