7 Responses to How to Sync Outlook 2010 with Windows Live Calendar

  • Donk says:

    Hmmm… I’m using the latest social (hotmail) connector in Outlook 2010 and I still have to a) publish my calendar to Office Online, b) subscribe to the calendar (via the online url) in my MS Live account. A sync relationship would be when changes are made twoways; e.g. if I create an entry in Live Calendar it should be synced back to Outlook.

    It’s actually easier to sync (twoways)to Google Cal, though that too isn’t smooth in 2010.

  • Mpetrel5155 says:

    I do not observe this scenario working … I have the 64-bit edition of Windows Vista Home Premium with Outlook 2010 …
    Is there, perhaps, a limitation? I.e., the Connector will NOT work with the 64-bit edition?
    If so, can this info please be stated somewhere?

  • Zucheng Lin says:

    it’s not working, just let you view two calendar easily….still have to do some extra moves to “sync” the calendar…

  • al says:

    where’s the download???

  • AJ says:

    This is not working! Stupid Microsoft complicates what it’s very simple. Back to Android phone and I don’t want to hear about WP7 again.

  • eddie1234 says:

    Does not work. MS products are just not the same as that of Google, half of the time they do not test their products.