3 Responses to Enable Blocked Attachments on Outlook 2010 with Outlook Attachment Enabler

  • Kornelius says:

    It is sad, that even for simple things you have to install an external tool, because Microsoft wasn’t able to leave the choice up to you to say which attachments are “good” and which aren’t. This restricted freedom was one reason why I chose an external search tool, who leave it up to me, which folders I want to search, which people I want to search, which attachments I want to search (and open of course) and so on…

  • Kornelius says:

    Oh by the way, I tend to forget to complete my texts :), the search tool I chose was lookeen (www.lookeen.net)

  • Bobsonbob00 says:

    Thank you very much for creating this tool. It really is frustrating MS did not provide a way to do this. As if no one would ever want to email files of these types. ever.