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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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7 Responses to How to Pin Show Desktop Option to Windows 7 Taskbar

  • Daikazu says:

    Windows+D key on the keyboard does the same thing without taking up space on the taskbar or running another process. Is it really that hard to move your mouse to the bottom right of the screen?

  • Brian says:

    Also the lower right hand corner already does this… To the right of the time.

  • Dave Robertson says:

    Brilliant little utility, thanks! The standard W7 show desktop minimizes everything, including RocketDock, which is pretty useless so this has made my day!

  • mappila says:

    very nice and easy way to put desktop icon in task bar, really good as compared to other ways of other people
    once more excellent

  • Smithy23 says:

    Great! you continue to use it AS IS. For elite or advanced users who have no use for the task bar (The task bar should be free of process excluding battery life, time and if you use antivirus that hog too). Im guessing your not an electrician because i would have to go across the room to turn my light on. Get a clue.

  • Krekeris says:


  • Rupiertoe says:

    Perfect. Who needs the other posts???