One Response to Access Ext2/Ext3 Linux File System on Windows with Linux Reader

  • This looks like the best program of its kind, but it has a rather restrictive EULA. As written, it forbids “use…of this software together with material that is discriminating or displaying prejudice based on religion…sexual orientation…”

    The very EULA would discriminate against any person which has any material on their PC which expresses that truth is exclusive by nature, so that all religions are not equally true, or who disagree with any religion, and or who in good conscience cannot affirm bestiality, homosexuality, pornography, etc.

    If they removed the the ambiguous “discriminating or displaying prejudice” part, or applied it to acompanying material in distribution, then it would be more reasonable.

    While few people read much of EULA’s, and some would not let such restrictions stop them from using it, some people try to obey them. Thanks