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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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  • MraQu

    salam n salam sejhtra for all user..anyone can help me to solve how to make autodownload vio internet download manager in firefox??plz email me if hav any user can help me to solve diz matter…plz yarh….

  • MraQu

    sowy againt..i 4get to tell u all bout my emel..diz my emel…..plz help me!!

  • Mouse, Anon E.

    Note, it seems that the Session Restore feature now only works if your Browsing History IS NOT cleared when you quit.

    Specifically go to Tools->Options->Privacy. Click the “Settings” button next to “Clear history when Firefox closes”. Then make sure that “Browsing History” is UNCHECKED.

  • boredbrand

    thanks! this tip has just saved me a LOT of time.

  • Webmaster

    That the geek exactly I was searching for.Thanks a lot man

  • would you want restore session back

  • Kurt Wagner

     it doesn’t help :( after computer restart, browser just opens home page, and it has nothing in “about:sessionrestore”. what should i do?